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New Travel Destination in the Pacific Ocean

By Poundtravel

A mysterious island in the Pacific appeared overnight. It has a green lake and hot stones.
Curious are advised to stay away from this geological marvel, but three brave went to the spot, took photos and told what they found.

Mordor or “Land of Fire” was a fictional region in “Lord of the Rings“, but he has a counterpart in reality. “Circle of Fire” is a region in the Pacific, which arises due to geological wonders seismic activity. Last example: a mysterious island that appeared overnight.

According to scientists, the last eruption of the volcano Hunga Tonga began on 19 December, causing the appearance of this island that has been localized for the first time on 19 January. It has dimensions of 1.8 km 1.5 km and is 100 meters above sea level. Being formed by a volcanic eruption, the island is quite unstable and dangerous for potential visitors.

However, since it is only 45 kilometers from Nuku’alofa, Tonga‘s capital, this mysterious island has been visited by three people. “The surface of the island is a solid, but very hot. We climbed to the top of the island, which was difficult because of the heat. Honestly, I never felt any danger, especially because I was concerned to make as many shots, “he told Gianpiero Orbassano, a hotel owner in Tonga. He visited this geological wonder, along with two friends, and the three are to return there for a trip. The island includes a lake where the water is green due to the high sulfur content. “There are many strange rocks below. In fact, the landscape is similar to the moon “added Gianpiero Orbassano.


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