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New Toys!!!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

It’s bbq friday.

Is it completely wrong of me to assume BBQ Friday will become a national holiday, like national doughnut day?

This morning I had some Blueberry Crème coffee, mixed with a half a mug of French Vanilla.

photo (5)

Holy cow, this mixture should be illegal. It’s too good to be $1.25 a mug.

All the BBQ!

You guessed it… we went to Salinas City BBQ! I had the shredded chicken sandwich with potato salad.

photo (3)

I was worried my tummy might just kill me, but who can turn down bbq??

If you can I want your number!

photo (4)

Unfortunately bbq isn’t very photogenic. Every week I think this will be the Friday I get an awesome sandwich picture. And I’m disappointed every time. Which is probably why I insist we have a cookie after.

photo (2)

I like the flourless chocolate chewy from the Peninsula Bakery on Main St.

My stomach is a little jumpy this afternoon, but nothing major.

My Toy!!! It Came!!!

photo (1)

After lunch I checked my e-mail and told me that my package was on my doorstep! Yeeeeeeeee!

I rushed home and was almost totally devastated because it wasn’t on the doorstep. I would not be lying if I told you I searched in all the bushes…

It was in my house. My brother was home and he took it inside. Wheew.

New Toys!!!

I ordered a new point and shoot camera!


I use a big DSLR, a Nikon D3000 to be exact. I use it when I’m at home, go to fancy dinners with family and when I go hiking through rivers on family vacations.

But I like having a point and shoot for other stuff. I’ve been using my iphone (a lot) because I hate the little camera I have now. It’s awful!

This camera is especially for low light situations which is perfect for taking photos in restaurants. It also has a bigger built in flash and it has full manual control settings, exactly like on a DSLR. Most point and shoots only allow minimal photo control of apeture and ISO… if any.

It even has a space on the exposure dial where I can save all my favorite settings for quick and easy access.

The start up time is one of the fastest of all point and shoots. So I wont miss any “perfect” moments.

Love that feature. A picture is forever!!!



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