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New Sony DSLR Camera Specs Revealed, Sony A99

Posted on the 30 August 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
 Sony A99
DSLR camera now serves not only to produce a good photograph, but was able to function well as a video recorder is quite reliable. Even some of the most hollywood movies workmanship entrusted to the camera. Sony as the older players in the field of the camera also appears not to be outdone, known from Xirumo that displays Sony is developing a new DSLR camera. According to the site come from China is currently developing Sony A99 DSLR camera, which also leaked some of the specs for the video to be The camera has to offer.
1) AVCHD2.0 format, 1080p below it have the bit rate of 50Mpbs, 4:2:2 sampling? Other models coming next year has 4? 2? 0?
2) with the highest 1080P 120fps, at 720P, the highest is 240fps 3) MP4 format still 35Mbps 4) center the lens can focus all the biggest use Aperture. others still F3.5 5) models except P, A, S model can also auto-focus but still MF M models 6) 4 times zoom in during 1080P can be captured 7) multi-recording can take a 2.4Megapixels during recording 8.) HDMI can be non-destructive Output new shoe can fit the wireless (bluetooth) mic 9) except the high speed model, other models of Maximum recording time is 29min 59s 10) Time code support
origin source ubergizmo, xirumo

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