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New Shoes + Clean Eating = Happy [still] Kinda Sick Maren

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys.

I’ve spent the last few days home from work. My C-Diff is slowly getting better, but I’m not physically feeling better yet. My intestines ache and I feel like I have the flu. Achy, sleepy, lethargic… it isn’t very fun.


I’m making 100% clean food choices these days so I had:


eggs fried in evoo and topped with salt, pepper and dill.

some blueberry coconut milk yogurt with fresh blueberries added.

hot magic lemon water while cooking.

a mug of green tea while eating.


It’s definitely a lot of food, but I haven’t been eating too much lately and I need some nutrients.





All of you saw it on twitter/facebook/instagram but here it is! My new shoes came!!!


I ordered a 9.5 and a 10 in narrows so I could try them. My feet are very strange because they’re flat which are usually not narrow, but the toe box area of my foot is narrow. So I ended up choosing a shoe not for flat footed people but in a narrow.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 ‘s


They smell good…


After trying both on, I went with the 10’s since my foot is flat and needs a little extra space in the arch, but still needs the narrow toe box. They’re awesome and super duper comfy.


I have a yummy pot pie recipe I’ll share later today!!!

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