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New Release: Uncultivated Upland

Posted on the 20 October 2016 by George De Bruin @SndChaser
New Release: Uncultivated Upland

New Release: Uncultivated Upland by Daniel Robert Lahey

Today we are proud to announce a new release: Uncultivated Upland by Daniel Robert Lahey on The Cerebral Audio Netlabel.

Daniel Robert Lahey makes his debut on CerebralAudio with Uncultivated Upland. Daniel started fiddling with the keys of a piano as soon as he could reach them and whenever he could get away with it. He took guitar lessons at 10 and got very serious about it by the age of 15. (Of course, he figured it would help him pick up girls.) He devoted 12 years to the classical guitar repertoire before he'd had enough of so much work for no pay.

Toward the end of his time as a guitarist, he started playing around with Synthesizers. He has been playing keyboards for over 50 years at this point. He grew up with a love for classical music, and has studied many of the great composition masters through the years. This knowledge of classical music is what informs his current works.

On Uncultivated Upland Daniel presents six new works that reflect his perspective on life today. Some of these compositions are a reflection of life in our world today, sometimes from
a slightly off-center perspective (like on "The Zookeeper Escapes" or "Baked"), while other times appealing on a purely emotional basis (like "Uncultivated Upland" or "Tears").

Give these compositions a close listening. There is a lot to experience and a lot to savor in these well crafted, exquisitely produced recordings.

Daniel Robert Lahey is unique among composers working on the netlabel scene in several ways. The first being the most obvious: he is composing classical music. Daniel's work is unique is his deep studies of classical music. Daniel is an outsider to the formal musical establishment, however he has a mastery over the forms and styles that are typically associated with some of the best composers and performers in the world.

But, what really is the most amazing thing about Daniel is his love of the genre. He composed because he loves to write them. He records compositions using a computer and software, and produces works that have a very organic feeling to them. In many cases it's not easy to tell they were recorded by him sitting at a keyboard. All the subtleties and details he is able to bring into these works measure up to the level of finesse one would find in an orchestra.

Track Listing

  1. Uncultivated Upland (Thing 412)
  2. The Zookeeper Escapes (Thing 416)
  3. Ragtag Orchestra (Thing 419)
  4. Tears (Thing 418)
  5. Baked (Thing 420)
  6. For Maya (Thing 424)

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New Release: Uncultivated Upland

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