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New Notable Netlabel Releases Aug 4, 2017

Posted on the 04 August 2017 by George De Bruin @SndChaser
New Notable Netlabel Releases Aug 4, 2017

New Notable Netlabel Releases for August 4th, 2017

Here's the New Notable Netlabel Releases for August 4th, 2017. I've even tossed in a couple of cool DJ Sets to get your party rolling this weekend.

Note: while I was putting this list together there were a number of releases on the Internet Archive. Unfortunately they were down for maintenance, so I was unable to double check / validate the entries.

I'd be interested in hearing feedback on this list. This is a new feature of the website I am trying, so please leave a comment below, or use the Contact Form.


    [45E062-2017] ALONE - Down On The River (Music To Dreams Live)

    Artist: ALONEAlbum: Down On The River (Music To Dreams Live)Label: 45 Echoes SoundsCatalog: [45E062-2017]Country Of Artist: RussiaStyle: Ambient, Spacebient, LiveRelease: 25 July 2017Tracks: 1Time: 74:47(c)Composing, performing,mixing and arwork - Andrew Deviatykh, 2017Note Release: Night Live Perfo...

blocSonic Netlabel

  • New release: Luck & Doc deliver the new Brooklyn anthem!

    If you haven't already figured it out, Luck & Doc are the real deal when it comes to bringing you that classic boom bap original rap. You know, that stuff that makes others want to throw in the towel. What... you haven't? Well get to downloading... you've got some listening to do. When you're done... ...

  • New releases: Today we celebrate Netlabel Day with new music by Ant The Symbol, Donnie Ozone and Luck & Doc!

    Netlabel Day 2017!
    Today's a day of mixed feelings. Although we're thrilled to once again participate with Netlabel Day and deliver some great new music to our community, we're saddened because we've recently lost one of our own. This past Sunday, the extremely talented Richmond, Virginia rapper an...

  • Sleaze, The Honorable One

    No matter what, you never see moments like this coming. Sure, as someone who runs a label and the nature of life being what it is, you wonder if/when you'll ever have to come to grips with a talented member of your label family being taken from this world. You hope that never happens... then it does. ...


  • Fractal Mind Vol. 2

    SarnarSchourt Records presents a compilation fully packed with mind-bending night-time darkpsy and forest tunes, representing and uniting uprising and longstanding artists from Italy, Austria, Germany, Macedonia, and Lithuania. Listen to a colorful musical journey with a broad variety of styles and ...

  • Chrizzlix - Walk The Lune

    Sun Department Records proudly present the planet-smashing full power Chrizzlix release, Walk The Lune, for free download! Featuring four original tracks plus a video edit of the title track-for which you'll find an accompanying video on YouTube that tells the story behind the track?...

  • Psyshastra - Dei Ex Machina

    Psyshastra are back on Backflip Records with their third ritual experience, Dei Ex Machina, literally "Gods from the Machine". Gathered here are five nocturnal adventures in the artist's signature style designed to take you through the forest and further on to realms beyond. All tr...

  • Juelz - Phoenix Lights

    WDG-Music presents the new masterpiece Phoenix Lights by dark Progressive veteran Juelz from Germany. Embracing the rhythmic potential of deranged bleeps and noises, Juelz takes progressive by its hand and lead it into the forest, topping it off with jazzy inspirations, making for a rumbling and sto...

  • Chilam Impacts

    Gathered in secret location, surrounded by mystical smokey clouds, badgers dive deep into the impacts of the eternal burning chilam. Come join us in a soothing meditating journey here on Chilam Impacts. Compiled by ?, mastered by Jeremy's Aura, artwork designed by Mirko Maksimovi?, and produce...

  • Ektoplazm 10 Year Anniversary

    Today marks ten years since I slapped a counter on the site and started tracking downloads. Ektoplazm had already been running for quite awhile-and even spent some time as a BitTorrent tracker-but July 17th, 2007, is the precise day the official download count began and things really started to tak...

  • Caleidisco - Marshmallow Moon

    Caleidisco is San Francisco Bay Area experimental producer Nicholas Gathany (formerly known as Coloringbook), bringing us the sequel to the warp-drive kawaii roller coaster that is Candy Island. Marshmallow Moon is the second installment in the Caleidisco's Braindrip series, a 60-minute trip o...

  • New Beginning

    Evolution Family, in collaboration with D Noir, is glad to reveal New Beginning (Light & Shadows), a double compilation expressing all the colors and sounds that you'll find at the Human Evolution festival. Having reached the sixth edition in its history, building up year after year, thei...

  • Ender - Fierce Equanimity

    Liquidseed feels blessed to be planting our next seed, Ender's latest album Fierce Equanimity. This special full-length release is a mixture of downtempo, IDM, cybernetic psybreaks, and drum 'n bass sounds with unique emotional characteristics. This is music designed to speak to the hear...

  • Pororoca - Agent Ant

    Pororoca, the experimental duo from Germany is back with something you might not expect after their last release, Opposite Orchestra. This time you will be taken into the twisted and surprising mind madness of Agent Ant, who is some sort of an ambivalent detective, searching for truth without being ...

Enough Records

  • Netlabel Day 2017 [enrmix26]

    Mixtape release celebrating the netlabel day of July 14th, 2017. Mixed by ps. Tracklist: 01) The Silence Industry - Marilia [00:00] 02) 4T Thieves - The Leaving Do [06:52] 03) Seazo - Politics [10:36] 04) Violet and The Mutants - In My Dreams [12:47] 05) Edgeist - Beacon [16:08] 06) ps - Yeah, It Wa...

  • Trillion Catz - Rainbows Weapon Store: Part One

    EP of electronic/IDM sounds by Trillion Catz, a Berlin project based out of Lisbon. This EP is a CC celebration of the recent release of their full length album Vulgar available for purchase at bandcamp and itunes if you want to support the project financially..This item belongs to: audio/enough_rec...

  • Grid Resistor - Alpha [enrmp403]

    Alpha is the debut release of Grid Resistor, the new project of Thomas Park (also known as Mystified or Mister Vapor). Grid Resistor is more focused on using field recordings of machines. Alpha is a true post-industrial ambient album, with many layers of intricate sounds creating a window to an intr...

Jamendo Latest releases

Here's nine of the most recent tracks / albums on Jamendo. This could be a much longer list, make sure to check out what's new on Jamendo.

Kahvi Collective

    Kahvi #387: Various / Tangents

    'Netlabel Day 2017 has arrived and with it an epic release from Kahvi! 28 tracks of pure nostalgia devoted to the sound of Boards of Canada, designed to be the definitive Kahvi collection.
    A few tracks revisited from the remastered back catalogue, but plenty of new sound to get your thoughts drift...


    V.A.-"Post:Soc" released !!!!!!!!!

    Post?:?Soc by Various ArtistsPost:Soc is an album of thoughts, comments and reactions to the post-everything society. All proceeds from Post:Soc go to the Depaul International group of homeless charities.creditsreleases August 1, 2017 Huge thanks to Adrian at Glove of Bones for the artwork. the Ne...

Personally I haven't really gotten into listening to DJ sets all that often. However, these sets do feature CC Netlabel tracks and are typically worth a listen.

Petroglyph Music

  • (Petroglyph546) Glove of Bones - Things That Fell Out Of The Box

    Tagged: Abstract, Ambient, Avant - Garde, electronic, experimental, Noise, Sound Art, soundscape, vocals

  • (Petroglyph545) Eisenlager - Tracks on Compilation vol 4

    Tagged: Abstract, Ambient, Avant - Garde, electronic, experimental, improvisation, live, Noise, Sound Art, soundscape

Phonocake Releases

    "To Be EP" by Matti T (phonocake release)

    photonic lifeforms. endless heart. breaking out.
    With Matti T's second EP on phonocake we offer a potential goosebump flash home festivus, pointing to his upcoming album on phonocake, just in two months. Stay tuned, he will be back soon.
    You can follow Matti T on Soundcloud: soundcloud.c...

Sucu Music

  • Just Take Off...

    ?"Take off and Learning" is the first solo release of TNKS's guitarist Michele Di Leonardo under his MiDiLe pseudonym.?The album is conceived as a three-part cosmic trip including a take-off, learning and final landing.?Drawing from his d...

  • A great comeback

    Three years after their debut album ('Gate One', released by Sucu Music as SCM-1405), TNKS come back with their second effort, 'Nostalgic Happiness'.The music on offer here is a very good blend of electronics and melody, with a lot of space provided by soundscaping guitars a...

Treetrunk Records

Thomas Jackson Park has undertaken some new projects since leaving his Mystified persona behind earlier this year. This is a selection of a few recent releases.

  • Model 201- Series 2 [treetrunk 374]

    In the Model 201 mode, only sounds ripped from old analog cassette tapes were used in these tracks. Series 2 at archive.org.

  • Grid Resistor- Lambda [treetrunk 373]

    This Grid Resistor release specifically uses sounds derived from the extra noises at the end of several decade-old audio cassettes. Only tape sounds were used as source material in Lambda. Lambda at Archive.org.

  • Thomas Park- Tape Sound Outtakes [treetrunk 372]

    These are sounds derived only from the noise found at the end of several 10-15 year old cassette tape recordings. Tape Sound Outtakes at Archive.org.

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