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New Intern Added to the Family

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
New Intern added to the Family
Hello everyone,
My name is Tyler Crisman and I will be interning here at Family Cakes Company until June. Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I am here in London studying abroad until June. I go to school in Appleton, Wisconsin back in the US, but I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I was placed in an internship here and I am very excited to begin working with the company.
My first thoughts when I heard I would be working in a cake company was "Cool, I'm going to get a bunch of free cake!" I did not know much about the industry, but upon further inspection I found that there is much more to the company. It will be great to see what goes on in the background of running a business. I am ready to embark on this adventure.
I'm almost done with my first day here, and it has been an eventful one. I showed up at 8AM this morning to smiling faces everywhere. My boss showed me around the office and everyone really seems to enjoy working here. It is an extremely friendly work environment and I look forward to meeting everyone else.
The day was filled with filing orders, talking to head Chef Vincenzo about cake creations, and even watching him do some decorating. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until my boss came in with a cracked laptop screen and looked to me to hook his laptop up to a moniter. I dont know why, but they all think I am really good with computers here. I guess I'll have to learn quickly.
I expect to help the company get its name out there a bit more. I hope to develop a twitter and facebook fan page for the Family Cake company. I also plan on keeping up with blog posts which will hopefully increase web traffic. I will have my hand in a bit of everything around here, and I'm looking forward to giving an outside opinion on certain parts of the business.
Until next time, keep an eye out for Family Cake Company on facebook and twitter!
Tyler Crisman

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