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New In: Last of July

By Wickedying @wickedying

Some of the things that managed to squeeze itself in the mailbox before July ended. Enjoy! ;-)

New In: Last of July

These disco shorts are very Americal Apparel-esque! This pair is the epitome of what they call the pekpek shorts. Literally cheeky! Haha! Must.Have. Need I say more?!

New In: Last of July

Lita-ish booties in gold tapestry. I’ve been eyeing them since I don’t know when but I bought them anyway even if they’re one size bigger. They’re quite big but they fit. Hmmm… Crap!


New In: Last of July

And this is perfect! Size 5!!! Cutest taupe (cowboy) booties everrrr! Definitely the pair you can bring for a strolling-around-the-city-and-literally-walking day!

All from PINKaholic! Can’t get enough their stuff….really!

New In: Last of July

Last one is from Vaintage. I just got them last night. A sheer printed button down, printed purple eyelet shorts, and a bow ring too! Thanks again Er!


Which ones are your fave?


Stay wicked!


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