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New Girl 1x21: Kids

Posted on the 18 April 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

New Girl 1x21: Kids

Original Air Date: 17 April 2012

StorylineJess babysits Russell's pre-teen daughter for the weekend and meets his ex-wife. Then, Schmidt and Cece panic when they think she's pregnant. Also, Nick's new girlfriend may be too young and Winston discovers his new boss is a big baby.Best Quote:

Sarah: Do you and my Dad ever dry-lump?
Jess: Uhhh..
Sarah: Have you ever done a 99?
Jess: I think that's a tax form?
Sarah: Have you ever given anyone a plow job?
Jess: I don't know....do you want to learn how to play Bridge?
The Douche FactorI'm probably going to be going on the internet before we have sex again, because I-I just... I don't want to impregnate the baby, you know? I mean, we could have a Russian nesting doll situation on our hands.

Review: Kids these days know way more about sex than they're supposed to. What happened to running down the street and playing hide and seek or climbing trees? Man, this world is just going downhill...

And Russell's preteen girl, Sarah, is way ahead of her age in the sex department and that doesn't make Jess' job of babysitting her for the first time any easier. Nor do her crazy roommates, who don't even put on an effort to help her out by keeping their immature drama away from an impressionable kid. Of course, this show has taken the absurd to an art form and I shouldn't expect normal things to happen in New Girl's loft, but I just get so annoyed sometimes about everything being so exaggerated!
So Sarah falls in love with poop-eyes Nick, Cece thinks she's pregnant and Jess finds herself caught up between virtually two adolescent girls whose hormones are blowing up the apartment. How can this not be funny, you ask me? Well, honestly, I don't find hormonal women funny. I think it's degrading for women to be depicted this way so I was more annoyed than amused by Sarah and Cece's tantrums. Especially Cece's, who, as Jess' best friend, should have known what babysitting Russell's kid meant to her relationship. Plus, Sarah is such an annoying kid that nothing she did was even remotely amusing.
What I found amusing, on the other hand, was Schmidt's reaction to possibly being a father. His Russian nesting dolls line is high up in the most hilariously stupid lines I've ever heard before and his over-protectiveness was actually kind of cute. Plus, wouldn't you want to see how a Jewish-Indian baby would look like?
On the other hand, if something would have come between Schmidt and Cece and made them reconsider their arrangement, this was probably it. The relationship can only go downhill from here and I predict they'll be broken up (or whatever the term is when you're not officially together) by the end of the season. 
Nick and Winston's storylines were quite irrelevant this week and didn't bring anything interesting to the table. Yeah, we knew Winston's boss is a baby and throwing some insecurity into the mix was neither funny nor interesting. As for Nick dating teenagers who had Jess as their teacher, that was something I'd expected and it just shows how immature Nick really is. But at least this time he picked one with table manners and art knowledge, right?
Overall, I felt disappointed by this episode, but Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone saved the day for me with their effortless acting and their characters effectively carrying the show at this point.New Girl 1x20: Normal Back to Season 1

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