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New Girl 1x19: Secrets

Posted on the 17 April 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

New Girl 1x19: Secrets

Original Air Date: 3 April 2012

StorylineJess doesn't know what to do when word gets out about Schmidt and Cece, while Nick realizes he cannot tell a lie.Best Quote:

Nadia: Jew in the couch! 
CeCe: Nadia, American manners!
Nadia: Sorry. Jew person in couch.
Schmidt: She's not wrong.

The Douche FactorI am so sorry you had to hear about it like this. But can we take a minute to celebrate me? It's like I'm having Indian every night!

Review: Everybody has secrets. It's a lesson Jess learned in this week's New Girl episode, just as the gang found out about Schmidt and Cece hooking up behind their backs. 

The show took a much needed break from all that romantic drama (for the most part) and focused on friendship and the effect that keeping secrets has on this type of relationships. Is it necessary to tell your best friends everything? If you don't, does this mean they stop being your best friends? How far should sincerity go?
Of course, this being a sitcom, exaggeration was expected, but honestly, why would Jess react so violently to finding out about Cece and Schmidt? What people do with their private lives is... uhm... private, isn't it? And let's face it, was she really all that surprised at finding out the guys have thought about her at least once while "self completing"? But then again, I don't want perfect characters in my TV shows, so it's ok to get annoyed from time to time about their not so perfect traits.
The good thing is that all this fuss made for some pretty funny scenes. Jess grilling her friends is one of my favorite moments in New Girl history, short as it is, and I loved that all this led to the realization that Cece actually likes Schmidt instead of just being sexually attracted to him. There's no way to tell where it will all lead, if they'll be some sort of Monica and Chandler or break up and find more suitable partners eventually, and I still insist this happened way too early in the series, but the scene where the two of them cooked together was so sweet that I actually found myself rooting for them.
Continuing - or extrapolating on the sincerity theme, we find out that, among some obnoxious traits, Nick has one that I actually like: he cannot, for the life of him, lie. Which is a very, very bad thing when you are trying to juggle having sex with more than one girl at a time. Who knew he could be a player and, with a little help from his friends, aka Schmidt, he can be a douchebag too? I'm glad the dating-college-girls arc was continued and I'd like to see Nick take over Schmidt's role as loft player for a while. The guy needs to learn how to not be "a clingy serial monogamist" and what better way than to learn from his best friend?
Some other hilarious stuff: Winston's Theodore K. Mullins impression is always hilarious; I was very excited to see fat Schmidt make another appearance, and Cece's roommates need to come back, now that we know how funny they can be.New Girl 1x18: Fancyman (Part 2) Back to Season 1

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