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New Girl 1x05: Cece Crashes

Posted on the 16 November 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

New Girl 1x05: Cece Crashes

Original Air Date: 8 November 2011

Storyline: After her boyfriend cheats on her, Cece asks Jess to stay at her place for a couple of days. She figures out that Nick likes Jess more than just as a roommate based on his body language. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to seal the deal with Cece.Best Quote:

Jess: I don't need any help! Nick and I are friends. You don't know cause you don't have guy friends. You just hang out with jerks like Gavin. Or, I'm sorry DJ Dia-beatit.
Cece: He has diabetes.
Jess: He does? Boohoo! I'm sorry. Is it bad? Cause I feel really bad.
Cece: He's fine, he takes medication.

She's Adorkable!: (about her perfect man) Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. And I could be girl Jack Lemmon. 

The Douche Factor: Did you see that cleavage? I just want to get my arm stuck down there. 127 Hours style. And then, and then... Just cut it for days. I don't care. I'll cut through the bone, the nerve. (makes snapping sound)

Review: I dare say this is the best episode other than the pilot, and that was so great mainly because of Damon Wayans Jr. The actors are getting more comfortable with each other and this can be seen in their on-screen chemistry, and the writers were very inspired when they brought Cece in, since she brings a much needed contrast with the rest of the characters - because, even though Jess is the quirky one, the guys are not far from being geeks - in their own way - themselves.

The episode was hilarious from end to end. There were no dull moments, like it happened in the previous ones, and I'm even starting to warm up towards Winston, a character I found incredibly boring so far. This week, he and Schmidt found themselves in the position of spending a couple of days in the presence of a sexy woman - a model even, and made the best of it. And by the best of it, I mean they brought out their most douchier selves in trying to impress Cece, who had lots of fun messing with them. 
But that's not all the damage Cece did: she figured out the attraction between Jess and Nick and tried to throw them together by sending her best friend on a toilet paper shopping trip with him. I definitely like Cece; she comes in and disrupts the weekend routine the guys and Jess have going and enjoys the crap out of this.
The laughs were in no small supply. The funniest moments were provided by Schmidt - working out all covered in oil, his "parkour" scene, being afraid of the cat that was raised by birds, listing all the things he loves about India ("Slumdog. I love naan, uh, pepper, Ben Kingsley, the stories of Rudyard Kipling. I have respect for cows, of course. I love, uh, the Taj Mahal, Deepak Chopra, anyone named Patel. I love monsoons. I love... I love cobras and baskets, Naveen Andrews. I love mango chutney, uh, really, any type of chutney. Teepees..."). But Jess was also in the middle of some hilarious scenes, with both Cece and Nick, especially the one where she tried to figure out if her friend was right about Nick by running around him to see if he points his feet at her. 
Romance was also floating in the air this week, and I loved seeing Cece and Schmidt admit they didn't like sleeping alone and holding hands, but the cherry on the top was the bathroom scene between Jess and Nick. If these two are heading towards a romantic relationship, only time will tell. But I will be so excited if this happens at some point, because they are adorable together.New Girl 1x04: Naked Back to Season 1

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