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New from Kate

By Ladylikechic @Ladylike_Chic
New from Kate Ask me who my favorite designer is and, without a doubt, I will say Kate Spade.  Every piece she makes is so unique, infused with her signature style of bright colors, funky patterns, and fancy ladylike elements.  Thus I was pleased as plum to see that Kate has introduced some new pieces to her online store: New from Kate Kate and I are so in sync!  She just knew that my favorite color combination is purple and dark pink (have you seen the Ladylike Chic logo?). New from Kate Kate always has a special elements every season and, this season, it's camels.  Enough said. New from Kate
The Ruby Street bags are adorable.  I'm a sucker for a good bow...
Head on over to Kate Spade to see some more of her new amazing pieces!  It's like Ladylike Chic heaven over there... New from Kate
All photos courtesy of Kate Spade,

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