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New Free-Discount Book Service & a Good Laugh Cry.

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

I have exciting news to share, but I am exhausted!

My book marketing site,, launched a new service called the “Daily Deal Machine” to send the latest free/discounted books right to your inbox. Once you hop in, you can set your preferences so you only get deals for mysteries, for example.

Please swing by and check it out! This is what it looks like, below…

New Free-Discount Book Service & a good laugh cry.

Gosh, Amy, was it a smooth launch?

Riiiight. Although my programmer and I tested the system a billion times, we had a teeny-tiny glitch… the first newsletter went out to some people four times. Aah! That’s just want you want with a new service – for people to think you’re going to send them fifty emails a day.

New Free-Discount Book Service & a good laugh cry.
Then we realized that the author for all the books featured in that first newsletter was….wait for it…. ME!

War and Peace…by Amy Vansant… Catcher in the Rye…by Amy Vansant

That was so horrible and funny at the same time I almost laugh/cried.

Spent the day fixing everything…and then long story short, my programmer accidentally emailed a small portion of the list four times AGAIN the next morning.


So if you were one of the people who thought I’d turned into a giant spam machine, I APOLOGIZE! If you unsubscribed, please consider trying it again.

Everything is fixed now.

Whew! So get yourself some free and discounted books at the AXP Daily Deal Machine!


Win some paranormal romance reads this week!

New Free-Discount Book Service & a good laugh cry.

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