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New Content on Our Russian Language Pages

By Mendeleyeev

Today we’ve added some fresh content in our Russian language resource pages, specifically in the section on learning to read Russian signs.

Since autumn has arrived perhaps now is a good time to get acquainted with the Russian umbrella which protects one from cool autumn rains and from early and wet winter snow flakes.

It is that time of the year again, бабье лето (Indian summer), and that means we’re frequently reaching for a зонт (umbrella), spoken as “zont” in Russian. Autumn is осень, pronounced “O-sin” in Russian and with it comes the need for protection from rain and light snows on latter autumn days.

Umbrella vending. Photo: Anna Shikunova height=490

It isn’t too often in the West that one finds a vending machine for umbrellas (зонты) but we do have them in Eastern Europe. This one can be found in Saint Petersburg and offers three varying styles. The term for such a vending machine is Зонтомат (“ZON-ta-maht”) and from this machine we are offered:

лёгкий (“lyo-kee”) is a lightweight umbrella for just 100 rubles ($3).

антиветер (“ahn-ti ve-ter”) is a more sturdy windbreaker umbrella for 200 rubles ($6).

сувенирный (“su-ve-nyer-nee”) is an umbrella with a city logo and thus sold as a souvenir. Priced at 300 rubles ($9).

So, you’re almost ready for autumn weather in Russia. Oh, what is the term for weather, you ask? Weather is погода, spoken as “pa-GO-da.”

Now you are ready for autumn.

(Umbrella vending photo: Anna Shikunova)

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