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Never in a Million Years | Adoption Success Story

By Momatlast @momatlast

I never ever in a million years though that I would say that I am the VERY PROUD mother of a 11 month old little boy. I was married for 23 years and during that time we had tried several avenues to adopt. Unfortunately, I was the breadwinner and unable to be a stay at home mom which ruled out several agencies. Adopting an older child was an option but again we ran into road blocks. By my late 30′s I had accepted the fact that I would never be blessed with Motherhood. In May 2011, my husband of 23 years announced that he was leaving the marriage to pursue a young woman he met on the internet. My world was shattered.
Adoption Success Story winner
I picked myself up everyday and went to work…what else did I have? I was the assistant to the VP whom I had known for 20 years. In July 2011, the VP walked out and left me jobless. I didn’t think my life could get much worse. I ended up following him to a new company he opened but he could not afford to pay me at first. In August 2011 the phone rang. It was a call that changed my whole life. My brother was on the line. He said “I have a friend who is having a baby boy and placing it for adoption. Are you still interested?” I had a hard time breathing when I spoke to the birth mother on the phone. Was she serious? Was this all real? Would she like me? Would she care that I was a 44 yr old single Mom? I drove 5 hours to meet her that weekend. We hit it off immediately and she came back to my hometown with me. The next two months went by in a flash and at the end of October 2011 my son was born. I was in the operating room (C-Section). I was holding the birthmother’s hand and stroking her hair. The 2 doctors were lightly bantering back and forth. All of a sudden I heard a baby cry…infact, that was all I could hear… there was silence in the universe except for this one baby’s cry. Finally, the birthmother squeezed and shook my hand….”Wendy! You can go see the baby!” He was beautiful and he was perfect and he was MINE.

The three of us spent the next 3 days in the hospital and then I took my son home with me. The birthmother thanked me for taking her son – thank me? If she could only know how much her unselfish act had blessed and changed my life. I wake everyday to share the world with my beautiful little boy. He brought light back into my life.

Our new business took off and I was able to bring him to work with me until he was 7 months old. He is the only grandchild and loved dearly by his Mimi, Grama, Papa, and Nana. He has many “Aunts” that adore him and love to babysit. So, once a 44yr old divorce’ who had given up hope of becoming a mother years ago…Now I am a 45 yr old Mother of a bouncing baby boy! NEVER say NEVER.

About the Author of this Adoption Success Story

My name is Wendy and I am the VERY PROUD mother of a 11 month old little boy. Once a 44 year old divorce’ who had given up hope of becoming a mother years ago, I am now a 45 yr old Mother of a bouncing baby boy!

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