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NEVER, EVER Throw an Immunity Challenge. EVERYONE Knows That!

Posted on the 16 October 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

NEVER, EVER Throw an Immunity Challenge. EVERYONE knows that!

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: A lot of you guys feel the same about The Land of the Lost as I do. WE ALL LOVED IT. Sure it was cheesy, the acting HORRIFIC and the special effects ridiculous, but we all loved it. I couldn't find a great video, but here's the theme song for all of you feeling nostalgic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSKIuJWRMaI FIRST FIVES: Ed Ziskind, Crystal Kyler, Phyllis DiCesare, Bobby Aguilera & Dan Realson HONORABLE MENTION: Bill McLaughlin 
Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5 The Voice-NBC 3.3/11.8 NCIS-CBS 2.5/17.0 Marry Me Premiere-NBC 2.3/7.7 NCIS New Orleans-CBS 2.2/15.9 Chicago Fire-NBC 2.0/7.1 Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.3/4.4

MLB ALCS-TBS 1.5/6.0
BET Hip Hop Awards-BET 1.5/2.9
Real Husbands-BET 1.2/2.5
19 Kids and Counting-TLC 1.0/2.9
Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
BET Hip Hop Awards-BET 2,665,000 Tweets
Sons of Anarchy (still needing a Xanax) 62,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 55,000 Tweets
Real Husbands of Hollywood-32,000 Tweets
Marry Me-NBC 6,000 Tweets

THE SHOWS Survivor

I really believe that the Survivor editors are recycling the animal/bug/crustacean/stars/sky footage. Do I blame them? No, it's probably part of CBS's fiscal responsibility program, but it's sort of a lie right? Could those be the same monkeys from last season? I think they could be. I think Jeff and the producers saved the money and bought a few new shirts for Jeff's wardrobe. I like the new black shirt without the pockets. Maybe Julie Chen should have her producers cut back on some things in the Big Brother house and do a little shopping herself. How hilarious was it that the flint was found and Drew actually had the b*lls to ask Jeff to trade it back for fishing gear? Jeff enjoyed Drew's audacity, but of course didn't budge. Julie and her huge fake boobs, didn't seem THAT shocked that her BF, John Rocker was kicked off the island. I was shocked that she referred to the guy as the love of her life. Lots of wardrobe malfunctions during the immunity challenge but Coyoba won for the first time this season. Drew was dumb enough to admit that he threw the competition which was dumb move #1. NEVER, EVER throw an immunity competition. Drew wanting Kelly out was dumb move #2. He shouldn't have been so pushy and arrogant going into his first tribal council, especially when he had just lost the competition for the team and sits on his ass all day, contributing nothing. The girls got it together, the guys were a mess and guess who went home? Drew of course. 
Modern Family
The writers are still on a role. They cut back on Luke and Lily scenes and added a bit more Phil which is a winning strategy. One small problem with this episode though. Wouldn't you think that the Dunphy's could stay with Jay or Mitchell before having to go to a motel? They didn't explain that one did they? Either way, the motel was hilarious. I did laugh out loud quite a few times but the funniest thing ever was Phil trying to teach the Nigerians how to play Marco Polo. The Sex Grenade cologne thing was funny too. I knew the second Mitchell showed up at the football game the team would start losing. Knew it. I love Sofia Vergara, do I think it makes sense that she's a mother of two and wears a belly shirt around the house? Not really, but I'm sure it helps with a rating point or two. 

I'm going to say it. I don't want any backlash. I like Black-ish but, I can't stand the Mom. That's what's keeping this show from being a bigger hit. I believe that. There's something up with Traci Ellis Ross's eyes that is very distracting especially when she overacts. She seems cartoony or something. I also think she needs to do something with her hair. I know her Mom's hair is just like hers, and maybe that's what she's going for, but it's not working for me or for her. It adds to her cartoonyness. Still loved the episode. Finally figured out who Jr. reminds me of…a young Lionel Richie. Did I not put it together that the twins names were Jack & Diane before?  Name the singer for bonus points. The Harriet Tubman thing was too funny and I keep my refrigerator ultra organized so I thought Rainbow's fridge emergency warranted her being late for work. 
Sadie Stone…where do we know her from? It's driving me crazy. Not liking Deacon's new blond girlfriend at all.  The only woman I'm going to be happy to see him with is Rayna, but she's out trying on dresses, running from the paparazzi and stealing Jeff Fordham's artists. Didn't you totally think that she an Sadie were going to crash that Mustang or something? I did. All of that Thelma and Louise stuff worked though. Rayna got Sadie over to Highway 65 and Jeff declared war. I HATE JEFF! That being said, did anyone happen to notice his extremely tight white golfing pants? I've watched Oliver Hudson for quite some time…who knew? Now he thinks he's going to sign Daphne and Maddie? Teddy'd have to be a real doosh (I know I spelled it wrong. It's intentional) to do that Rayna. What am I saying? Teddy is a real doosh. (Again spelled wrong intentionally)

-How psyched are we for Neil Patrick Harris to host the Oscars? OMG, it can't get here fast enough for me now. It's going to be Legen...wait for it...dary. Actually I'm going to go bigger and say it's going to be EPIC, which in my opinion surpasses legendary on the awesomeness scale. You heard it here first, best ratings in years, best opening number in years, he WILL kill! 

-Good news for all of you guys who don't have HBO, or are stealing it and dying to go legit. HBO knows about you all and wants to help (and of course make money). Coming in 2015, a stand alone HBO Streaming Service is coming your way. No word on cost yet, but there are 80 million homes that don't have HBO. I hear the sound now...KaaaaCHING! 
-More cuts over at CNN. Rachel Nichols Unguarded, Sanjay Gupta's show and Crossfire all cancelled. All I can think about is Ted Turner. I'm sure he's at home in Montana, maybe texting Jane Fonda, maybe not, but he has to be bummed at what's happened to his baby. I'm shocked he's stayed so quiet for so long. 
-Great idea for New Years Day guys...all 236 Friends eps will be available on Netflix...let the BINGEING begin! Although, I've probably seen every episode a million times already, it's nice to know it will be there if we want it. 

-Figured Jay Leno would be back, figured he'd do a show about cars, and sort of figured he'd end up on an NBC property somewhere. Jay's not much of a risk taker. He's always taken the easy route. No big innovative ideas or anything. CNBC, Jay Leno's Garage, 2015. Guess Mavis could only take him hangin around the house for so long. Jay was a bore on TV, I'm sure he was a bore at home too. Jokes and cars…cars and jokes. I'd kick his butt out to a studio too. 

-RIP Elizabeth Pena. Bonus points for any/all TV Shows or Movies she was in that you can name WITHOUT Googling. 

NEVER, EVER Throw an Immunity Challenge. EVERYONE knows that!

Thursday's Trivia Question: For the life of me I couldn't remember the boys name. Had to Google it. Name this oldie but goodie!  WWTM-Kristy Like me on Facebook at Watching Way Too Much Follow me on Twitter at [email protected] http://watchingwaytoomuch.com [email protected]

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