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Neon, Lace, Peplum and Nude Shoes

By Marta @fashion_caramel
Neon, lace, peplum and nude shoes
Neon, lace, peplum and nude shoes
Neon, lace, peplum and nude shoes
Neon, lace, peplum and nude shoes Peplum dress - Zara Nude shoes - Christian Louboutin
For my youngest son's baptism last saturday I wore this fun and bright colored dress, my (now) famous nude shoes and no accessories. After investing in a pair of Pigalles I had to save on the dress which for me it meant going to Zara to look for an affordable one. I found this peplum dress and to be honest, I didn't like it at first it. I thought it had too much going on: the peplum, the lace, the bright colour, it was too much of everything. But then I tried it on and I really like it. It's really a nice dress, the fit is great, the color and fabric are fun, it is very forgiving (yes yes!) and of course affordable. The only problem is that I probably won't wear it again... But then again, not every piece in your wardrobe needs to be a basic or to be worn several times, clothes are also life memories. This dress will be like my wedding dress, it will always be the dress that I wore to my little boy's baptism ♥ and that should be good enough for me.
How about you, any special event coming up ? WHAT will you be wearing ?
xx Marta

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By Anna
posted on 20 July at 14:46
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Do you wanna sell this dress? I'm very interested in :) What's the size? :)