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Neon Green and Overcoming My Conditioning

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

Neon green and Overcoming my ConditioningNeon green and Overcoming my ConditioningIt was at the beginning-of-term workshop programme (can't believe that was six weeks ago) held at Itele that I saw this quote while reflecting on teaching on Bloom's Taxonomy and Holistic Education.A part of my mind linked it with the thought-provoking first season of Salem I had just concluded. It helped me collate my opinion(s) about Increase Mather, whose conditioning about witches, taste for power and ego led to his demise and just how fickle the human mind can be, as portrayed by his son, Cotton Mather.In Increase Mather I saw the damage that ego mixed with strident and stoic belief in a substance could cause, while in his son, Cotton I saw the damage that an unmade-up mind; a mind still struggling with what to believe in, could wrought. Cotton really should have paid heed to the good book where it says that nothing is worse than sitting on the fence. Sitting on the fence with this look would have meant accessorising with neutrals like black or brown shades, but I chose to go all out colourful and paired it with a bright pink bag.
Neon green and Overcoming my ConditioningWe are all conditioned by family, society and the environment we live in, but much more by the education we receive or fail to receive. If our conditioning is dependent on education what then is the quality of education that we receive from peers, family, the media, school and our environment? What's the quality of education you've received personal-style-wise from My Small World thus far?Neon green and Overcoming my ConditioningNext shoes / 
Neon green and Overcoming my Conditioning

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