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Need to Identify Those Russian Naval Ships Amassed out There? Just as the DNC.

By Mendeleyeev

Sometimes life can be so funny even in the midst of a difficult to cover news situation. Yesterday an American journalist friend called to ask if we could provide him with profile ships of the Russian Navy so that he could more easily identify who was who when assigned to the Mediterranean.

Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention

We chuckled and asked if he had access to the giant screen slides from this last year’s Democratic convention? Of course he did so we gently pointed out that when the DNC honoured the American military on the final night of their convention, they unwittingly used the Russian Naval fleet for their screen shots on stage. In fact the ship in the foreground is the Russian Kara-class cruiser “Kerch.” It is flying the Navy standard of Russia, a flag of Saint Andrew’s cross.

Russian Navy Democratic convention 2013

As we reported here after the DNC snafu, other ships in the convoy include the Russian Kashin Mod-class destroyer, the “Smetliviy” and Russian Krivak-class frigates. We definitely should give photo credit to the photographer for these: Russian photographer Pavel Vakhrushev.

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