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Need to Clarify a Little More

By Nhorsman11
Thank you ladies for leaving me your thoughts.Apparently I was not very clear on mine.I DID NOT SAY I WILL NOT POST COMMENTSFROM PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE MY NAILS OR THE COLOR I CHOSE OR THE DESIGN I MADE OR ETC.......I said why would I post comments, 2  to be exact, froma person who has never ever ever left any comments before.Decides to leave one comment, then leaves a veiled insultin polite wording(I am not a moron, I can read)not more than 24 hours later because I did not posther comment yet.( Why the rush on posting this comment) That is why I did not post any of hercomments. I don't need to prove anything. You want to leave comments you don't like my nails go right ahead.Do not leave me an insulting one because I am not rushing to postit the second you decide to honor me with you constructive comments. I have posted all comments until her first and second one. Then her third one yesterday which I didn't even bother to read. I wasn't joking or exaggeratingwhen I said I am not in high school anymore. I am not trying to prove anything here.I do not go to your blogs and say Hey your nails are crap.You nails are too short why bother putting nail polish on?I don't do that.Why? It's not my call. Not my business, If you havestubs with bleeding finger tips and want to splash somepolish on and call it nail art. WHO am I to say no your nails looklike crap. I don't understand the woman who call themselves experts or   nail creative genius feel they can go around being mean.Until I go to your blog and say hey what do you think of me or my nails and pay you money for your opinion. Then no, I do not see whypeople think it is OK to go to blogs and say hum that is the ugliestthing I ever saw I should tell her, she needs to know.She was happy and proud of herself, I can't let that continue!!She should feel embarrassed and like crap because I don't like it.
WHY. What good does that do. Really. Please think about it.Unless you think it is fun to hurt other people that you don't evenknow or have ever talked to then. What good can it really do?. Do you feel better insultingother blogger's nails or designs? Do you get a high knowing that your comments could leave some people really feeling like crap. I personally do give two #*&ts aboutwhat anyone who I have never spoken to, anyone who hasnever bothered to say hi, never bothered to leave any other comments. Why you can't just say"Hey I don't like this weeks nails. Last weeks were awesome."See not hard. I didn't even brake a sweat. So please all of you who think that I am out of line or that my beliefs are less important than yours or for those who disagree. Please tell me your reasoning for hurting other blogger's in that exact way that I wrote. What is the harmincluding a small friendly note with your important negative comments?You seem to think I am being petty but I have a right to say what I think and feel on MY own blog. I did not go to another person's blog and open flood gate. I have been here doing my nails and that is it.
 That has been my point.Why do some of you feel the need to go around other blogs see some thing you don't like and say well she needs to be told right away!!!WHY. I have been reading and looking at blogs for a year now.I have never ever ever gone to another woman's blog and thoughtI am going to tell her what I think of her nails. Why wouldI. What would I get out of that. Nothing. I am not mean spirited, Iwas raised that if you can't say anything nice than don't say anything at all.I know some of you will leave being my followers, some of you are goingto leave nastier comments. I am not going to change how I feel and thinkabout what some of you think is OK to do. I am a 36 year old woman.I have been on my own since I was 17. I have lost two babies, been molested by 4 individuals by my 11 birthday. I know have two growing boys.I am not afraid to stand up for what I think.I think that this  is just other blogger's who are  being a bully.When it comes down to it.  Your words are not necessary, your negative comments aren't reallydoing anything except for trying to be hurtful to other blogger's who aren't part of your own little blogger community.I am not going to apologize. I never named anyone by name or blog, so I did not bad mouth anyone. She is doing that not me. I did not giveany indication of who this person was. Only that she is female. So I ask you who has been listening to her complain about me, whohere is trying to just bring other blogger's down. Or doesn't like it when someone stands up for what they believe. You don't need to agree with me. You need to RESPECT ME.  Just like I have been respectful of all of you.I read over 300 posts every single day. Some days I see stuff I loveother times I don't but that isn't for me to say what is prettyand what isn't.  I am sorry if I offend you with my logic. That is OK. You don't need to agree or understand. That is your right as a person and a fellow blogger.BUT I am not going to sit quietly by while others continuee to hide behindthe just giving constructive criticism crap.It's not. Unless you are going to become that persons friend and mentoror continue with encouragement than you have no right to insult or tell another person who has created something how much you hate it.That is being a bully..... Look it up..........Thank you for those who are going to continue to come see my nails. For those who are no longer going to . I hope you have a great day!!!

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