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Need Help from Us Nail Lover

By Nhorsman11
Hello Ladies,I hope you are all having a great weekend!!
I have a huge favor to ask from a nail art lover from the USwho can help me with an Amazon. They have Shany 2012 Nail Art Polish Stamp Set shown here some reason they don't sell to Canada at this time.I keep hearing about other nail lovers out there who are makingpurchases of nail polishes and shipping it to each other for similar reasons. I would pay for the order, ship it to the ladies house, thenthat lady would then ship it to me. I will pay shipping of course up front with paypal. I would only need a quote for the cheapest shipping option available to my address. This way you only have to worry aboutshipping the parcel to me. I can give a little extra for your time. I would like to get this set but I have no friends or family in US to help.If you are willing to help me please send me an email or leave a commentwith your email for me to contact you. I would like to do this on Dec 1st.I really really appreciate it if one of you would consider. If not, that is TOTALLY FINE!!! I understand. It is a strange request. I just keep hearing that some of you ladies do this for others sometimes.I hope to hear from someone wiling to help me. Thank you very much for your help, I hope!!Have a great weekend Ladies!!

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