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Need A Step Ladder???

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Hey there Shiners & Shinettes! I’m back and on the move again towards my long life goal….you guessed it Positivity! (Not that it went any where)I know I have stepped back from writing but…that has all ended.  So here goes!!!
    Step Ladder
  Need A Step Ladder???
Have any of you wonderful Shiners/Shinettes used a step ladder before?? I’m sure that you have…if not you just may have stepped on a good ole chair to boost you up just a bit.  The thing is darlings; we sometimes need a little boost to reach what we want.  Many times when we want to do something we may not have the proper means to do it, but if we had that step ladder to reach just a bit higher we would be able to accomplish that much more. Many times we want to give up….Never give up! Get on that step ladder and boost yourself up. Many times things don’t go our way…Never give up! Get on that step ladder and give yourself that needed boost to look for a different avenue to see new change. See guys, I needed that step ladder a little while ago.  For awhile, I thought that I could do some things on my own.  I never asked for help and by NOT doing so I began to get the notion to give up!  Well if anyone knows me “IM NO QUITTER”. I know I can be honest with you darlings….haven’t we all been there when we just want to give up because things are not going our way…no matter how hard we try to make things right?? So if you can say “YES” to this then you know where I am coming from.  Well…I had to tell my stubborn self, that I needed to get up and get a little boost.  Many of us live with negativity day in and day out...well I refused to let that get me down once again!!!! Negativity comes at us all kinds of ways, for example, words, actions, social networking, family, and mainly US! Yeah I said it OURSELVES!  We-Us-You-Me, will be our worst negative energy when things don’t go our way, when we read or feed into the mess we see before us.  Well I am here to say, STOP these actions and get on the step ladder. It is time for us to get out of our personal-defiant ruts and step up on that good ole sturdy step ladder of positivity.  Pour positive things into our minds and lives.  No longer will we be the cause of us not being as positive as we can be!! We will only surround ourselves with positive like minded people, we will turn away from negative news, no gossip, we will not be used and abuse but another's negativity! We as Shiners and Shinettes are way better than that! So I ask you Shiner and Shinettes….NEED A STEP LADDER!?? If so you can borrow mine! Sharing is caring and best believe I care about each and every one of you!!  Soooooo let's get on the good foot and Step up for Positivity!
~Positive We Stand~
Ms. Positivity!!

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