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Need a Revamp? 5 Easy Ways to Freshen Your Living Space Without Painting Or Moving!

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

Aside from the family home I grew up in, the house I live in now takes the trophy for being the residence that has held me captive for the longest. It’s been since 2006 that I’ve called this address home and I can actually feel the urge … the want to change … it’s almost bordering on need to change.

There’s something about moving house that I just LOVE. I truly may have some kind of disorder here as even the thought of wrapping,  packing, unwrapping and unpacking doesn’t take the gloss from the hankering I get to change my living environment.

I’m not a property owner, this house is not mine to sell, I’m in no position to buy and truly the convenience of living smack-bang right next door to my parents would make the thought of moving something deadset silly to even consider.

BUT it’s same-old, same-old boring, boring, BORING!

How then, to scratch the stagnant beige itch without moving right along to anywhere else?

Painting is one way of re-colouring your life without the need for a removalist but, even though the landlords would not mind at all, I’m quite deterred by my significant lack of energy, time and the prospect of a 3 year old who would insist on helping. There could be no happy ending to that scenario. No go.

Alternative placement of furniture items is another tried and true strategy and yep, I was that kid who was forever shifting furniture around in my bedroom. While I am certain that it used to piss my Mum and Dad right off, my 16 year old has started to do the same and I am secretly proud that he’s obviously inherited this from me. Tick, action already taken.

However much simpler than (a) painting or (b) furniture lugging, there are a few easy-peasy ways to liven up your living space with some colour, freshness and oomph! They are quick, fuss-free and relatively inexpensive too! That’s the way we like it, right?


Need a revamp?  5 easy ways to freshen your living space without painting or moving!

Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are a great way to get your decorating and color “fix.” So many to choose from, or even sew your own with a uniquely funky fabric!

You’ll only need a few, and you can rotate them, combine them, and change them every so often. They are inexpensive and can dress up a room instantly and effortlessly.

Fruit, Flowers and Foliage

Bowls of apples, oranges, limes, lemons, and other brightly-colored fruits and vegetables add a lot of color to a room, especially a kitchen or dining area that’s in need of a zesty lift.

The same is true of flowers and houseplants. Bright greens and colorful flowers add a natural, fresh look to a room.

New Curtains

Try adding some brightly-coloured curtains  or blinds to your room. Consider patterns for something different or perhaps a bold solid would work best in your room. Apart from their function, curtains add color and create a focal point in your room

Shine on with a new lamp

Dusty, dingy lamps can drag any room down. Clean them off and add a bright new shade. Alternatively grab a funky retro base, add a crisp white shade and instant woo-hoo!

Give a throw rug a chance

You can get a pretty groovy throw rug for not much money. Place vividly-colored throw rugs at focal points in the room and remember that these can be on the floor as rugs traditionally are, or alternatively if it is of lighter weight draped over the back or arm of a lounge chair. Ta-da!

There you have it, so easy I now have no excuse for the itch. So what tips do you have for revamping and restyling without resorting to packing for a move? I’d love you to share!

Hooray, it’s Friday.  Time to have a flogging good time with Grace over at hers. See you there!

Need a revamp?  5 easy ways to freshen your living space without painting or moving!

photo credit: Ani-Bee via photopin cc

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