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Need a New Board Not Nicoteen

By Kree8or @surfing_buddha

I failed miserably on Stoptober to quit smoking, so I’ve set myself a new challenge and a way of getting myself a board I fancy. The plan is, starting tomorrow, is to put a fiver in my “Surf Fund” savings account every day I don’t smoke. I also have a jar where I’m going to put all my loose change (50p and under) at the end of everyday.

As I’m such a Surfing beginner (the stand up variety anyway), I’m going to need a suitable board to learn on. My current board, HMS WATT, is a good board and will be a great “Improver” board, but just isn’t great for my fledgling attempts.

HMS Watt - my mini-mal

My mini-mal. HMS watt

I’m thinking of getting one of these Torq mini-mals


You know, if you fancied helping me out in this endeavour, I’d happily take donations


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