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Need A Hard Reset? Visit Intercare

By Barefootdaves
Need A Hard Reset? Visit IntercareA couple of weeks ago I brought my blackberry phone back to my provider. Everything was working except for the "touch" functionality. Before seeking out professional help, I tried turning off/on my phone, removing the battery from the device and then replacing it, and all sorts but to no avail. This got me worried. I told the customer service guy what I did and all of which didn't help my situation
He then asked me if I did a hard reset. "Hard reset? What's that?", I said. He then proceeded on pressing 3 keys (Alt + Right Shift + Backspace/Delete) simultaneously. This prompted the phone to completely turn off and restart the operating system software and applications. This method brought back my phone to its normal state. Later in the day I learned that what he did was a "soft" reset
Need A Hard Reset? Visit Intercare
Like our smartphone devices, I wished our bodies have a "soft" and/or "hard" reset as well. I've been pounding the pavement for the last 2 years and it has taken its toll on my lower extremities. For several months, my left hip and ankle has been bothering me every now and then. My marathon training will resume next month and I can't be slowed down with an injury. I need an intervention
Then INTERCARE comes along. They specialize in making their clients feel better by helping us return to a state of natural balance and live a pain-free life. They provide treatment for muscoskeletal pain and injuries using natural, non-surgical, and non-invasive methods (chiropractic, acupuncture, myotherapy, etc). Sounds like a dream to me
Last week I had the opportunity to experience 3 (myotherapy, ICSS, power taping) of the many world-class services they offer
ICSS focuses on muscle conditioning and strengthening. Before my session started I was asked for the static stretches that I do after a run. They immediately pointed out that I was skipping my hamstrings. A quick check validated that I have a tight one. So we decided on working on that area. The basic idea was to introduce the muscle on a stress level that the patient can take then going beyond the previous limit. Before I left the room, I was given several options for me to follow to stretch my hamstrings
Next stop was a room upstairs. I caught up with Banjo getting a myotherapy. Myotherapy relaxes muscle spasms, improves circulation, and alleviates pain. It helps erase the spasm and assist the affected muscle return to its normal resting and relaxed condition
After a couple of minutes it was my turn. While my myotherapist was working on me, she noted that I have a back and neck problem which requires at least 10 sessions (more than the recommended 6-8). I tell you its not the run-of-the-mill deep tissue massage that you get elsewhere. I suggest you go and get yourself treated to know the difference
Last stop was a power taping session. Before that lemme share a little bit of history. I am a RockTape user for a year already. So I was happy to learn that Intercare uses the same stuff. I got taped on my back primarily to help my posture. It didn't occur to me that they have such taping technique since I've used it primarily for my knees and ankle
Need A Hard Reset? Visit Intercare
As they would always say, prevention is better than cure. I will be making another appointment soon. Gotta get myself "fixed" before I start piling up my roadwork. And the Christmas holiday is the best time for me to get things sorted out. As I've said, it is really bothersome to be sidelined by an injury.
If you want to know more about their services. Go and head to Facebook and click their official page -> If you are already decided which service to get or still got questions, just go and visit one of their 3 branches (Makati, Greenhills, Alabang)

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