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Need a Deal? Try the Scoutfit Price Tracker!

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

Cure for the Lazy Shopper/Hopeless Deal Hunter: Let the Price Tracker Notify You of Price Drops

It’s been widely documented that I suck at shopping. I don’t like it. I don’t have a flair for it. I get sweaty and panicky and strangely, hungry. I start to whine. A lot. And I don’t have the money to willy-nilly throw money at the problem and hire a personal shopper with whom I have fabulous lunches and call “Jean Philippe” even though his name is Charles. Consequently, I tend to go through phases, like wearing nothing but flowing tunics for a year.  If it is the Chinese Year of the Horse, I’m probably wearing Ralph Lauren polos all year.

But I don’t want to pay full price for anything. Who does? Price Tracker to the Rescue!

That’s where comes in to save me! This price tracker site lets you add a button to your browser, and then when you stumble on to a gorgeous sweater that costs half your annual salary but that you would shiv a baby giraffe to own, you just add it to your “closet.”  Here’s a shot of some of the things in my closet:

price tracker

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be clothes. And I LOVE those boots from Fluevog, but they’re $359! That’s crazy talk.

But do I have the time to check every day to see if Mr. Fluevog has come out of his crazy tree? No. So ScoutFit acts as the price tracker. As soon as it goes on sale – BOOM! Price Tracker Powers Activate! I get a price tracker email to my inbox letting me know that the time to pretend I don’t have the yearly salary of an Alaskan Snow Cone salesman has arrived.

And see the two Lacoste sweaters? (that I wore almost exclusively all of 2011?) Two different stores. If either one drops the price on those puppies, I can replace the one with the stain of a wine glass on the belly. That happens a lot.

Not only does the ScoutFit price tracker let me get what I want for less, but it is also like Christmas every time I get an email.

Anyway, as giggly as this made me, for you shopper types it’s going to be a million times better. Especially since they also have a “DISCOVER” button that shows you some of the best deals they’ve found and gives you ideas for things you might like.

And I will get that lawn octopus from Uncommon Goods some day. I’m watching you, my pretty.

Go sign up at and get your price tracker – it’s free! 

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Need a Deal? Try the Scoutfit Price Tracker!

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Need a Deal? Try the Scoutfit Price Tracker!

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