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By Survivingana @survivingana

NEDCThe Australian, National Eating Disorder Collaboration has recently put a lot of work into their website, providing information for researchers, clinicians, families, sufferers and the general community. It is a site they can be proud of and one I champion for Australian’s to use. Their website also feeds into the well-known Butterfly Foundation for sufferers and carers of those with eating disorders.

I am just highlighting some of the information they now have. As well as eating disorder definitions and explanations, and treatment and recovery information there is:

Knowledge Hub
Housing the latest, evidence based information relevant to the prevention, identification, early intervention and management of eating disorders, here you can find a single gateway through which researchers, healthcare providers, educators, the media, people with eating disorders and those in their circle of support can access information.

How to Help Sufferers
Recognising signs, what to say and do, support organisations etc.

Get Help
This section contains a directory of eating disorder treatment services available within Australia. The information contained here includes inpatient, outpatient, day programs, community treatment and community support options. It is intended to provide information about various pathways for getting help.

Awareness and Education
n order to raise awareness of the devastating impact of eating disorders on our society, education around the promotion, prevention, early intervention and management of eating disorders must be enhanced in both the general community and those working in the health, fitness, education and media sectors.

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