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Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

By Miriam Jones @miriamsjones
Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

Being pregnant is a dream for some women.

They are glowing, feeling better than they ever have before due to the shift in hormones.

The heat doest seem to bother them, fatigue and nausea are experiences they cant relate to, and theyre just excited for whats to come. Easy.

Thats not the case for most women, unfortunately.

Most women will experience at least one of the normal discomforts that come with a pregnancy.

And thats okay! The good news, however, is that we can ease nearly all of these discomforts with all-natural remedies that will not harm you or your baby.

Lets start with one of the earliest and most annoying symptoms women discover when theyre pregnant.

#1 - The Dreaded Morning Sickness

Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

This can be dreadful. Truly. Or it can be bearable and even non-existent for some women.

Morning sickness generally comes very early on with the surge in pregnancy hormone levels and, oddly, one of the best ways you can get rid of that queasy feeling is quite simply to eat!

Some women keep a pack of plain crackers by the bed just to keep these morning sickness feelings at bay.

They have a little snack before bed, sometimes in the middle of the night, and as soon as they wake up.

Morning sickness is often made worse when you go long periods without eating.

Just make sure that you dont eat anything with overly strong odors.

Garlic tends to be something a lot of pregnant women dont want to be around, much less eat.

Youll get a feel for your body, but remember that eating small snacks throughout the day (and smaller, spread out meals) can help keep morning sickness to a minimum.

Natural herbal teas are also a great way to soothe your stomach. Ginger is a great option or even sucking on ginger lozenges.

Also, check into the prenatal vitamins youre using as this could cause increased morning sickness.

Try to find a brand that splits your daily dosage into three separate pills, making it a little easier on your body to digest.

Now, lets move on to the second biggest pregnancy discomfort.

#2 - The Increasing Fatigue

Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

The fatigue that never seems to go away. During your first trimester especially, youre going to feel obliterated.

Youre going to go to bed early and wake up thinking you never slept, even though you did.

Your body is changing, hormones are shifting, and fatigue is going to try to rule your life.

Sometimes this fatigue dissipates by the second trimester, but more often than not it carries through right up to your birth.

Especially once the third trimester hits because youve got all that extra weight and your sleep isnt as deep.

One of the easiest solutions to feeling tired is simply to sleep more.

Make sure to go to bed at a decent hour and make sure to take naps throughout the day when youre sleepy.

If you have a full-time job, take a quick nap when you get home.

Dont beat yourself up about it and feel lazy. You need this extra sleep as you are a home to another living being.

Thats a big job. Cut yourself some slack and get some rest.

Youll feel much better and prepared for your new baby when he/she finally arrives.

#4 - Horrible Heartburn

Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

Another horrible and often common pregnancy symptom is heartburn, but thankfully there are tons of natural remedies for this particular pregnancy discomfort.

Many women insist on taking papaya enzymes for heartburn, some say that peppermint herbal tea is a great help.

One thing you can do is decrease the amount of acidic foods you eat. Often heartburn can be caused simply by too much acidic food intake.

Try to add more alkaline or soothing foods to your diet, like plain yogurt and veggie smoothies.

Try to avoid sugar if you can as it will just make your heartburn worse.

Almonds are also wonderful, alkaline, and filled with plenty of great nutrients.

Some women claim that they help with heartburn as well, but its all about finding what works for you.

Every pregnancy is different. And if you have had multiple pregnancies youll realize that even your own pregnancies differ greatly from one to the next.

Also, dont forget chamomile tea. Chamomile also helps with sleep and labor!

Be sure to have a cup of warm chamomile tea whenever you can, but especially before bed.

#5 - The Bane of Sore Breasts

Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

Yep. Another common complaint, but one youre not going to be able to avoid.

This is one of the very first signs of pregnancy and it can fade after the first trimester, but typically carries through (in waves) throughout your pregnancy.

In this case you can take arnica, which is great for helping with soreness and aches and pains.

Also, get rid of the tight push-up bras. Its time for pretty bralettes and comfortable bras that dont fit tightly.

You want a nice, supportive bra that isnt cutting off your circulation.

This will help a lot, especially during sleep.

Try not to sleep on your stomach and if the pain gets too much sometimes, take a warm bath before bed or try a heating pad on a low setting.

These are just a few of the most common pregnancy discomforts.

There are many more we havent had time to address in this article, but this should get you started with the top natural remedies for pregnancy discomforts that come on quickly (when those hormones surge) and tend to stick with you throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Many women are worried about taking Tylenol and typical remedies that they would take when not pregnant as they dont want to harm their baby, but even with natural remedies you still want to check with your midwife or doctor to ensure that youre doing whats best for you and your baby.

The Internet will tell you many things, but checking with your doctor is always the best thing you can do during your pregnancy!

Natural Remedies for 5 Pregnancy Discomforts

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