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Natural Healing Methods Around The World

By Slherrmann
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldHappy Friday all!
So sorry I didn't post yesterday, had a 5 hour test to do at hospital and when I got home I was just tooo dang tired!  As promised  I am going to share with you the healing practices around the world that have evolved to secure the well-being and good health of the population. These healing traditions are richly diverse but share many beliefs in the healing powers of nature, ourselves and higher beings
Natural Healing Methods Around The World
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldFlower Remedies~Plant and flower extracts in the UK are immersed in alcohol to form the basis of flower remedies.
Faith Healing~Also in the UK, mediums and "sensitives" channel spirit guides and perform faith healings.
Aromatherapy~In France, aromatic oils distilled from herbs such as rosemary and lavender are used for their therapeutic properties.
Homeopathy~This 200-year old German therapy is based on the principle that the same substance that causes disease in a healthy person can help to cure the symptoms in a sick person.
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldAstral Travel~The shamen of the northern Russia Steppe use music, dance, drugs and meditation to enter astral plane and commune with healing spirits
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldAboriginal Medicine~The understanding of the therapeutic properties of plants and minerals and a spiritual relationship with the natural world, form the basis of the Native Australians' healing tradition.
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldAyurveda~The ancient Indian Vedic texts teach the importance of the patient as a union of mind, body and spirit in perfect balance.Macrobiotics~ As with Ayurveda, the Japanese balance the correct types of food for long life.
Shiatsu~A Japanese form of therapeutic massage, shiatsu heals by manipulating the flow of energy through the body's energy points.
Shamanic Dances~Tibetan and Nepalese shamen dance themselves into a trance to make spiritual contact with healing spirits.
Yoga~In India, the gentle Hindu exercise of yoga is believed to assist in physical and mental healing and well-being.
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldDogon Blood-Letting~The medicine men of the West African Dogon tribe suck blood from the patient, ridding them of the evil spirits that they believe cause illness.
The Americas
Natural Healing Methods Around The WorldNavajo Medicine~Herbal remedies, art, music and dance are used in elaborate healing rites by the Native American Navajo people.
Crystal Healing~Gemstones, such as quartz and amethyst, are believed to be psychic batteries that can store and emit healing energies.
Voodoo~In Haiti, the voodoo faithful combine spiritualism and herbalism in their natural healing ceremonies.
Psychic Surgery~Working in a trance, the psychic surgeons of South America (and the Philippines) need only a rusty knife - or even just bare hands - to cut out diseased or cancerous tissue from the body.
Hallucinogens~Amazonian Indians use hallucinogenic plants to seek out guidance for cures from the spirit world.
Natural Healing Methods Around The World

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