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National Wedding Show: Earls Court

By Jacabag @jacabag
This weekend is the National Wedding Show at Earls Court 2. The fiance and I, with nothing in place yet for our wedding, took a wander around for some inspiration.
First of all, wow, overwhelming! 30 degrees outside, hundreds of women and people trying the hard sell from every direction. Not exactly our cup of tea. But once we'd adjusted to the pace, we chilled out a bit and got an idea of what we did and didn't like.
A few main themes emerged, as you'd expect. I saw at least three teeth whitening stalls. Photo booth options were all over the place. And of course cupcakes were around every corner.
National Wedding Show: Earls Court
We picked up loads of magazines and leaflets throughout the day, and I think a fair few really nice ideas came out of it. A couple of venues will be visited, one in particular I am quite excited about.
National Wedding Show: Earls Court My favourite stall from the day was Ever & Ava. A cute little jewellery / crockery / accessories stall that was exactly what I'd hoped to find. I really had expected more quirky and interesting stalls throughout the day, but this was the only one that really stood out. As well as beautiful tea cups, cake stands and general accessories, were these beautiful tiaras made from vintage jewellery. Each piece bespoke, with the options of making something to fit in with jewellery or colours you already have in mind.
Another trend that I had no idea about, was the 'sweet tree'. Check out these crazy trees that were from just one of the many stalls.
National Wedding Show: Earls CourtNational Wedding Show: Earls CourtI have to say that the day didn't live up to my expectations, as I was really hoping for some more quirky ideas to emerge. But I left feeling happy that we'd got more an idea of what we wanted.
Sunday October 2nd is the last day, so get down there if you're currently looking for inspiration. But take supplies with you to avoid the ridiculously overpriced canteen. (£2 for a small bottle of horrible water! I'm still a little pissed off about that).
Happy Sunday! x

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