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NaPoWriMo Day 4, A Poem Dedicated to My Followers

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog


Silent Dreams

My dreams turned into reality this week

Profoundly exciting enough so to distract me from sleep

envisioning a life that I always dreamed

thinking it was impossible and the climb too steep

confidence exuding, such an encouraging leap

wounds healing fast, the scars no longer painfully deep

looking back on last week I cant remember how all this begins

But one thing I know I am proud of where I have been

drowning out rumors of my treacherous past

no longer afraid of doubt having it’s prevailing last laughs

my heart was torn in two apparently I only had half

the chains I carried are at last unlatched

debuting out of the shadows I have my cascading premiere

accomplishing so much with so much potential left this year


Today I received my 400th follower,I am currently at 415!

I started my blog just around two weeks ago tomorrow…I had no clue my blog would ever do this good so early on.

So this Poem I dedicate to my new friends and the people who follow my blog!

Thanks for taking precious time out of your day to digest my amateur Poems.

paralyzed for words that’s just something that means so much to me

I simply can’t explain it.

I hope you will forgive me and accept this Poem as a thank you!


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