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NaPoWriMo Day 26-29…My Vacation Was Awesome!

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

First let me say that my vacation was just amazing! I was able to relax and compose quite a bit of Poetry and I also managed to complete a book and a Book Review.

(I am so glad I was able to catch up on some of my work)

I won’t bore you guys with too many details but… I went fishing and hiking, and I spent a lot of time alone in the forest with my books! I can’t exactly explain how good I felt while alone in the forest, experiencing so many emotions so clearly and being able to concentrate better then I have ever been able too before. I was able to basically clear my head and find out exactly what it was I need to be concentrating on in life right now such as (Going to College and finding a better job) and what direction I want to take my blog and my writing.

I really had an awesome time with my family and friends but when I woke up this morning I was pretty sick…it was rather cold every morning so I am thinking it’s just a bad cold I really hope it’s not the flu! >.<

I will probably be taking it easy these next couple of days even though I had a whole neatly organized list of posts I wanted to get done today and published before going to sleep but it looks like my plans have changed. I will still be doing 2-3 posts today but not any more then that. I will also be catching up with everything I missed over the weekend including everyone’s posts and poems, It might take me some time today to get through all the emails but I will for sure!

Here is the 3 Poems I failed to post while on vacation and today’s poem as well.

Also to everyone waiting on a project or a response from me I promise I will get them to you or get whatever work I need to finish completed as soon as I can. If I didn’t feel so horrible and was actually able to focus and think I would completely try and finish these projects and responses but I seem to be getting worse as the day progresses.

(I apologize)


These Poems might be a bit dark and depressing (To some) So yea!


-Day 26-

My Heart

Delightfully dead

Asleep and perfectly still

A heart that once was full of life

Petrified by unfortunate events

Black from the evil inside the tissue

Shattered dreams clogging the arteries

Yet still able to function normally

Descriptions of my own lifeless organ

I carry around a damaged shell

Riddled with Rot and motionless skin

Afraid to uncover whats on the inside

-Day 27-

My old Friend

Back Here Again

An old friend unwanted

Returns with out warning

Preparing to hurt whats left inside

Knifes and needles in hand

Plotting the best moment of attack

Threatening to destroy progress

I try to wash away the fear

But the cold is back yet again

A very familiar friend

Maybe relapse is my best friend

The only one I can always

Expect to return

The only thing in life

I constantly feel

I reserve a date with chemicals

To let me escape my emotions

 Confusing my true feelings

I never wanted to return

A place so viciously avoided

But it seems I have a permanent

Reservation and an eternal invitation

To consort with ravens until the end of time

Day -28-


Determined to lose

Euphoric temptations

Abandoning all reality

Together with my demons

Home at last

-Day 29-

Playful Yet Unaware

Smiles contradict the truth

Smothering anything that’s left alive

Playful interactions

Playful encounters

A constant Mirage of lies

Dreaming my way through life

Playful flirtations

Playful is just an act

I perform when hiding myself

When hiding the real me

Away from the other Playful

Creatures and ghosts

Invading my sanity

Uninvited and unwanted

Unaware of the danger

Lurking in front of them

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