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NaPoWriMo Day 20, No Dark Poetry Today =]

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

Today I decided to do a Poem about my “dream home”, This is something I have wanted not only for myself but for my Mother and my brother as well.

Ever since I was a little kid I wished we had a place out in the woods, our own private piece of land. A cottage or a cabin perhaps would be the perfect home for me!

Moss growing on the sides, wood beams exposed yet modern and sophisticated…sleek and new.

Seattle Washington would be the perfect place for such a home, nestled deep inside a forest of western hemlocks, as well as all the other evergreens… Monoecious flowers growing all around…a Magnificent view of Mt. Rainer in the background.


A Place Called Home

The place I feel most comfortable

The summer air as crisp as cold wind in winter

Evergreen trees surrounding the land

Moss intruding on every inch of property

Temperature of 60 Degrees all year long

No Humidity but gentle rain

Set amongst a gray skyline that demands attention

No other place on earth is like this

A place I would like to forever remain

My own little slice of heaven deep in the Evergreen Forest’s

Cottage or a Cabin doesn’t matter to me

As long as I have my family

With all the memories and moments stored within my mind

I hope I can escape to this place one day

The one place on earth that I call Home

 Washington State is where I buried my heart & Soul

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