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NaPoWriMo Day 19, And an Update!

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

Woo Yea! It’s finally Friday, thank God! =]

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I have a TON to do over the weekend but I am looking forward to all the reading and book reviews ahead of me. I have a nice little space of time off from work and I shall take advantage of this time off to get caught up on all my blogging stuff!

(To those of you who I am late on producing a book review for your request, I apologize) I will be posting a new one tomorrow! And next week I will be posting at least two more, possibly three. Thanks for being patient with me. Life just trips you up sometimes and then you get behind on your work, that’s what happened to me anyway.

Have a great day everyone, and remember to relax and get some rest this weekend!!!


Lost and confused with this puzzle of mine

Trapped while a slave to my own insanity

anxiety and fear mixed with a cocktail of doubt

cloudy with a chance of depression laced rain

always threatening to eclipse my sunshine

Puzzle pieces galore with no certain direction

 never successful while I scurry and search

for that one piece that will make everything okay

that one damn piece that will fix the entire puzzle of my life

I am starting to wonder if I was given a broken puzzle

could the pieces be purposely missing

were they hidden in shadows, disguised as misery & pain

whatever the answer I will continue my search

until my puzzle becomes an obituary

or a hopeless game of premeditated roulette

Today I decided to do a Poem about how I believe life is one big puzzle that we all have to figure out, sometimes we are close to finding the next piece to fit on the puzzle board but we get frustrated and lose it. -Kinda cheesy I know-, But it’s been on my mind lately.

Btw I have noticed I am a bit addicted to Black & White Photography…When I get my Cameras I think that will be my specialty? It’s good I figured that out ahead of time >=]

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