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NaPoWriMo # 5 and 6 & Poem a Day Challenge Haiku

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog


My Birthday Secret


Arivving late at my birthday party

My movement’s felt so strained and cautious

The Invitation’s were mailed and all sent out

Reserved were the guests, but I was not invited

 So I gently whispered and screamed inside

terrified of my secret’s early discovery

I love Playing hide and seek year round

While desperately needing to be found


 I dreamed of death


Once upon a borrowed time

a dead soul got lost while lingering here

afraid to be released among the afterlife

Eyes filled with lightning and betrayal

could the underworld be coming for him now

 Petrified and unaware was he

until the lights came flickering on

I woke up to find it was just a dream

I sat up slowly and shook my head

To my surprise two coins fell from my eyes

I looked over and saw a letter addressed to me

asking me to pack my bag’s and return to sleep

I started to move and felt a hand reach out

grabbing my neck and pulling me tight

What a lively nightmare I had tonight



I hide my emotions from all

deep inside bottomless chasm’s

divulging to none my hopeless progression

Thankful for interruption’s of my continuity


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