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Nanchang CJ-5

By Htam

2011_HHD0126_D300.jpg@ Eddie Andreini Sr. Airfield, CA

April 2011

Introduced in 1946, the Yak-18 was a tandem two-seat military primary trainer aircraft manufactured in the Soviet Union.  The Yak-18’s greatest claim to fame is its use as a night bomber by the North Korean Air Force during the Korean War. The five-cylinder engine reminded many of the US troops of the sound made by early gasoline powered washing machines, earning them the name: “Washing Machine Charlie”. The Chinese  produced 379 license built copies with the designation CJ-5.  This example was imported from China in 1989 and later re-engined with a Continental W670 radial.  Nikon D300 w/300mm.

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