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Name the Pineapple Port Mysteries Skull Win a Kindle Reader

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

Name the Pineapple Port Mysteries Skull Win a Kindle ReaderLet’s Name the Skull!

Name the skull featured on the cover of all my bestselling Pineapple Port Mysteries and you could WIN!

ENTER Below! Winner chosen Oct. 23.

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Thanks for submitting - You're like the fun little cocktail umbrella in the pina colada of my heart! Check your email inbox for a free Pineapple Port short story---and your FREE copy of Pineapple Lies will be coming at the end of the contest!

Grand Prize: A Kindle Reader!

TEN RUNNER-UPS: Each get the Pineapple Mystery eBook of their choice!

EVERYONE who enters gets Pineapple Lies eBook for FREE & a Free Pineapple Port Short Story!

Who is this Mystery Man?

He’s the Most Interesting Skull in the World. He travels. He likes to party but never loses his cool. He once found two sand dollars on the beach and traded them for a Maserati sport car, which he enjoyed for the day and then traded for a kiss from a puppy. And a hug. To be fair, the puppy gave him a hug, too. He also had the Maserati retro-fitted so no matter where the puppy drove it, his head was always in the wind, ears-a-flappin’.

Name the Pineapple Port Mysteries Skull Win a Kindle Reader

You can see him here in a few of his incarnations. He’s a fun guy. Often wears shades (he’s a little self conscious about the black pits he has for eyes, except when he’s really surprised—then he has blue, bulging eyes—but still no eyelids, darn it.)

But, after a knock on the noggin’ which may or may not have happened when he lost his body, he’s forgotten his name and needs a new one. Open to any and all ideas!

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