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Name My New Leading Lady (and Win Books as Usual)

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

Time-Traveling Highlander – now there’s a novel idea…

I’ve asked you to name bars in my novels, now you can name the leading character of my new series! I’ve searched/replaced my new lady’s name three times now, and rather than spend a bunch of time pouring through baby name websites, I thought I’d let one of my fantastic readers pick a name.


You’re writing about what now?

Wait, you say. Weren’t you supposed to be writing the next Slightly Stalky or Pineapple Port book? Yup. But I had this idea and got all excited and here I am on chapter 15 of a sexy time travel romantic thriller (with plenty of humor). A hottie Highlander comes to modern day and has adventures with an equally beguiling lady who is also a “fixer” for a Hollywood studio. All sorts of subplots and intrigues I won’t get into right now…

The title?… (drum roll please)

Kilty as Charged


I’m looking for a name that is feminine and cool. She’s a pretty saucy chick – tough and smart with a tender side she likes to hide. But can she hide it from the clever, intuitive mysteriously orphaned Highlander, Brochen?

I doubt it.

So help me find this woman a name so he can say it, all breathy like in her ear…

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  Give me a great name!

And then go win some books!


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