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Name Calling Is Abuse

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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I remember back to the school playground when name calling was part of growing up and while we have all encountered someone who has called us something that wasn’t very nice, when name calling becomes a part of your everyday existence, it is abuse.

When someone says things to deliberately hurt, belittle or put you down, they are being abusive towards you.

Name Calling Is Abuse

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The problem is, when it comes to constant name calling and put downs, this popular quote takes a sinister turn, as it is one of the most damaging forms of verbal abuse.

Verbal abuse is a form of control and comes in many forms.

I spent years with an abusive man, name calling became part of his game and after years of being called worthless and useless I began to believe it.

His bullying ways of belittling me has left its mark, I was left with little self-esteem and no confidence and years later I still struggle with the emotional scars he left.

I never suspected his continued put downs to be abusive and it is difficult to identify but it is a common type of abuse in relationships.

Not all words that are meant to hurt and we all say things we don’t mean when we are upset or angry.

An abuser becomes a master at damaging your self-esteem while appearing to care and love you.

Name calling is wrong and can be just has harmful as physical abuse.

Verbal abuse does not just happen in the school playground; it can happen in relationships, the workplace and between friends too. Sadly name calling and other forms of verbal abuse in childhood are common.

Nobody has the right to hurt or belittle you, whether these words are being critical of you or sarcastic, if they are meant to put you down, either when you’re alone or in front of other people it is not acceptable.

I spent years walking on eggshells, never sure when I would upset him next. He would fly off the handle at any given opportunity. Living this way caused severe anxiety and panic attacks, that have stayed with me and manifested over the years.

Name calling hurts and is abusive, although many still do not see that verbal abuse in a relationship is a form of domestic violence.

Are you or your partner guilty of name calling?

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