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Nail Polishes From Poundland

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Every now and then I do go to Poundland, mostly to get ALOT of chocolate but since they've started to do some little makeup bits and bobs I really can't stop myself, especially being a beauty blogger. I love that they do American makeup bits and so a while back I got some nail polishes. I bought some Sinful colours, a Sally Hansen nail polish and W7.
Nail Polishes From PoundlandNail Polishes From PoundlandNail Polishes From PoundlandNail Polishes From PoundlandNail Polishes From PoundlandI always wanted some Sinful colours nail polishes because of the American YouTubers!  Their colours are so nice and vibrant. I got a gorgeous deep green which has a glossy finish, a purple/almost an indigo that has shimmer to it and a blue that is metallic. I bought this blue one ages ago but I lost it. I saw it again and decided to get. I used about 3 coats on the nail wheel and the more you build them up the better the color payoff. I LOVE the green and purple. They're so pretty and winter perfect. The only downside is that they do stain your nails quite bad especially the green. So I have to use a base coat. I really want more colours by Sinful Colours. Just went on their website and they're all amazing! I also got a Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polish in cool lavender. I wanted a white and this isn't exactly a white because it has slight purple to it but it's close and I love this. The brush is amazing  It's flat and wide and in one stroke you're done. I'll be getting more of these for sure! It's also very opaque. I really recommend getting these Sally Hansen ones if you're Poundland the next time! Nail Polishes From PoundlandNail Polishes From PoundlandI also got some crackle effect polishes by W7 because my others ones have now gone really bad. For £1 each I thought why not. I got one in white and the other in black. I'm sure the image is confusing! I used the white crackle on black nail polish and the black on white nail polish. I had images of these on coloured polishes but they literally got deleted as I was uploading these images an hour ago. -___- so I had to search my memory card and found this. Sorry if it looks a bit...Meh?
But these work great actually! I love the white one.
I do love Poundland for these £1 nail polishes!
What beauty items have you bought from Poundland? :D
Hareem x

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