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Myriadmusings1 on Instagram

By Saumya Shiohare @myriadmusings1

Pardon me for the lack of posts. This week has been relatively busy all around . 
I realize I am accountable both to myself and you guys for attendance on this blog, so to not leave you guys hanging today, here is a quick glimpse into some of my recent instagram shots. 
ENJOY ! Myriadmusings1 on Instagram
 1) dressing for the in-between weather - white denim, red bag, powder blue blouse, gray cardigan and blue mirrored sunglasses 2) shopping day with a friend- gray skinnies, leopard outer, silky blouse and brown booties  3) new eyewear to match my new hair 4) spring ready gladiator sandals and gap printed loafers 
Myriadmusings1 on Instagram 1) photo-booth love  2) President's entourage over Potomac river 3) crystal encrusted cake-mixer at Georgetown cupcake 
Myriadmusings1 on Instagram
1) family luncheon at Uncle Julio's......hearty !
2) evening snack mix of apples, kiwi and chex-mix....healthy !
3) warm pumpkin soup shot with white wine.... heavenly !
Thanks for your sweet time

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