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Myleene Klass Nail Wraps!

By Thebeautyscoop
Myleene Klass Nail Wraps!Myleene Klass Nail Wraps!Myleene Klass Nail Wraps!She gets around, doesn't she. Anyway, these look to be the same as most non-heated nail wraps, stick on and then file the end off. I've only really used the Kooky and Trendy nail wraps (they work out around £6 a set) in the past and they've always lasted around 2 weeks before I've felt that I needed to take them off, so I'm not entirely sure what to make of these when they say they last 'up to a week' - unless they're just covering their own backs by not promising longer, of course. However, I'm sure for a quick fix before a night out these would be fine.
The designs are pretty uninspiring (although not horrific) and the promo video (see it at the bottom) is a bit annoying too but they're probably worth a look if you like your nail wraps!
Myleene says 'With my Myleene Klass Nails, you can get dazzling, gorgeous nails in an instant. They're so quick and easy to apply - just peel, stick and go, plus you don't even need to heat them up. Best of all, you can now change your look as quickly as you change your clothes!'
The range of 16 Myleene Klass Nails are available from Wilkinson and for £5.99

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