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My WW One Year Anniversary

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss

My WW one year anniversary

My WW before pictures, June 2011.  I weighed 337 lbs

One year ago today I made what was probably the most important telephone call of my life. I called my Dad to take him up on a offer he had been making me for years. I asked him to pay for Weight Watchers.
I joined online and I went to my first meeting June 6th, 2011. I didn't like the idea of walking in to a room full of strangers. I didn't even like my leader at first. She was hugging and visiting with everyone and I though I had snuck by at at the same time I didn't think I deserved to get the attention because I was new. I am actually glad she ignored me. I was nervous enough.

My WW one year anniversary

Speaking as a success story March 2012

It's a year later and those strangers have become friends and my leader has become a mentor. The people I go to my meetings with are more than just fellow Weight Watchers, they really genuinely care about me. They're more like family. I actually know some of them well enough that I consider them to be friends. I've now come to expect a hug from my leader every meeting.
When I went to my second meeting I got my first hug. She basically hugs everyone if you come back after your first meeting. I look forward to that hug every time I go to a meeting. Sometimes, if I don't get my hug because I come in late or for whatever reason I will seek her out. I even sometimes ask for a second hug if I'm having problems on my plan. Those hugs mean so much to me. I just love my leader, she's awesome. Everyone at my meeting is awesome, right now to the receptionists!

My WW one year anniversary

Me on my first hike in 18 years May 2012

 In the year I've been on WW I have:
  • Lost 65 lbs.  (115 lbs overall)
  • Lost four clothing sizes, a 30 to a 22. (32-22 overall)
  • I have done things I never could have done a year ago: spending the day walking in New York City, going on my first hike in 18 years, speaking as a success story at a WW open house, riding a roller coaster
  • I have regained my flexibility and range of motion
  • I can sit comfortably, wear clothes comfortably, walk comfortably.
The list goes on and on

My WW one year anniversary

Riding a Roller coaster again October 2011

I rejected WW for many many years and I didn't know what I was missing. I can't believe I just typed that but it's true. I've come a long way and I have a long way to go. I'm so proud of what I've done so far. However, I'm going to keep taking it five pounds at a time. I don't dwell on how many pounds I have left. I just am happy with losing weight and after a while it adds up.
I started this blog six months into my WW journey and I really appreciate you joining me on my journey. Thank you so much for reading, even if it your first time reading my blog, it means so much to me that you care about what I have to say. I started this blog because I wanted to inspire people. I also thought that this journey I'm on is too incredible to keep to myself.  It's been a year of milestones and incredible things I never thought I'd do again. I'm looking forward to another amazing year.
My WW one year anniversary

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