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My Women's International Day 2013 at the Musem.

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

italyCome on girls! The March 8th is upon us! For the women’s party in Italy, you see many groups of women stroll around laughing in the streets -especially in the evening. The most common choice to celebrate? A dinner with the friends or to go to attend  some alternative shows.
If  I would like to suggest you some nice initiatives just to have an alternative.  Maybe you can take advantage of that day for some events and go to dinner with friends one different evening. Why? There will be less confusion and you will be served better. Believe me!
As you know I am a bit fixed with the exhibitions but this day  you is can go to visit them gratis! Hoping to make you glad , I write some exhibitions very interesting for this day. 
italy In  Milan free entry to all museums and  half price for  the exhibitions at the Royal Palace. If you want Modigliani exhibition has begun . Otherwise you can visit the Museum of the XX century. It  is a marvel! (See link below)
Romeopens its doors free of charge to all the cultural sites for women: you can visit all the  museums, the libraries and the archaeological sites. You will have many many choices.
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What about Naples? Here all the museums, the gardens, the monuments, the villas, the archaeological areas are open and gratis for the women. Just arm yourself with tennis shoes.
All cities have something interesting: here some more ideas for this special day
Pistoia  underground and the museum at half price - a nice solution to be discovered an unusual and fascinating underground Pistoia For info
Piazza Giovanni XXIII. 13-51100 Pistoia tel.e fax 0573.368023 / michela.tucci @
THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE CERAMIC – an exhibition to discover the evolution of the iconographic image of the woman in the painting of the pottery for centuries. All this in the Ceramics Museum in Faenza
For info Faenza, Mic, Viale Baccarini 19, info and reservations: 0546 697 322 - for a fee
You are still undecided? Buona festa delle donne ;-)

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