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My Week on Wednesday | #7

By Mle_vnc @Backlist_Books
My Week On Wednesday is a weekly post in which I share with you what I've been reading, what I'm reading next, and any other bookish news that has happened in the past week.
Just shelved:
I couldn't even tell you which of these books I enjoyed the most! The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie is the first Flavia de Luce mystery - and I'm really glad there are 6 more waiting! I loved this spunky, sassy sleuth. It very much reminded me of the joy of reading books like the Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries and Harriet the Spy.
And of course Anne of the Island is as magical as the two books that precede it. Anne's antics are just as entertaining as ever, and this is the book where we finally see her begin to realize how she feels about Gilbert. I rarely ship, but I can't help it when it comes to Anne and Gil!
We Should All Be Feminists is a teeny tiny book - but don't let that deceive you. This is full of ideas and succinct points that will keep those mental wheels turning. I found myself wishing I'd had this book to orient me and fire up my engines for my first Women's Studies courses in college. And it will make you fall in love with Chimamanda - her voice is so genuine, so undeniably powerful that it will take ten times the amount of time to digest as it does to read.
Currently reading:
I'm continuing on in the Anne saga with Anne of Windy Poplars, hoping to get through at least one more book this month. In addition to which I'm still working on A Little Life (which I'm pretty sure I'll still be reading this time next year) with Julianne. Don't get me wrong, this book is beautiful. But it is also very long and so deeply evocative that I literally cannot handle reading more than 50 pages at a time. If I try it is physically uncomfortable and I have to get up and go do something else.
Comparatively Crime Seen (thanks to Random House of Canada!) is easy going. I'm loving the natural tone of Lines' writing, and am fascinated by the content. If you're a fan of Criminal Minds or just enjoy true crime, this is an excellent book to check out. 
Up next:
I'm very excited to start both of these. Very different, but both have received excellent feedback so far, and should be enjoyable reads. (Both of these and Crime Seen were released today, so if you're curious you can order your copies now!)
Cool stuff I came across this week:

I love Epic Reads' "Book Nerd Problems" videos. I have had many a giggle relating to the antics of my fellow booklovers on film, and always eagerly click play every time a new one is uploaded. If you haven't watched any yet, start with this one, and then click over and watch the rest!
In other news:
I am currently in the grips of a cold so gruesome that I've begun referring to it as The Plague. I'm sneezing, coughing, dealing with that stinging sensation in the top of my nose that makes my eyes water - and that's not even mentioning the mountains of Kleenex I've gone through in the past few days. Seriously, it's ecologically unsound. At any rate, suffice it to say that you're all very lucky to be my virtual friends so you don't have to see the mess that is me at the moment! I know I'm the wrong gender to be experiencing a Mancold, but as my husband pointed out, I am rather tomboyish...

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