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My Week In Instagram Photos

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
So this past week has been up and down, Abbie got her first cold poor little thing, she didn't want to feed much and even refused comfort boob which is a first! Lol, sleepless nights for the 3 of us this week as well, including a night trip out in the car to settle her down..thankfully she is coming to the end of it now, she still has a cough but she seems to be dealing with it like a pro, I thank Calpol this week ha. On the up, she decided she wanted to start crawling, backwards and a little bit forward! Such a clever girl! 

1. Looking grumpy in her pram..

2. First day of being poorly but still looking beautiful
3. First time crawling..she ended up under the table..
4. One of the times she accepted comfort boob ha, and she's holding my hand :)
5. Joining in the old trend of 'planking' ><
6. Big smiles for mommy :)
7. So beautiful!
8. She didn't quite get the concept of 'head rest' Ha
9. Very grumpy yesterday..didn't want to smile at all! :)
My Week In Instagram Photos

Next week we have the third lot of injections :( but we have Daddy off work for the week, yay :)


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