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My Waters Broke In The Hospitals Car Park

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10044684 My Waters Broke In The Hospitals Car Park

April 19th 2009 – my due date. Not long after 4am I woke with my waters leaked on the bed. I woke up my husband to tell him, but told him to go back to sleep and I would call him if I needed him. (My first labor I had a lot of contractions at home before it went into established labor so thought I had plenty of time). I rung my mom to let her know what was going on, and got out my ball to have a bounce, the contractions felt more like braxton hicks, they weren’t painful at all, and they were irregular, so still thought i had plenty of time.

I went to the toilet and had awful IBS (or so I thought) the pains I had felt exactly like IBS, was only after birth I had realised it was my clear-out. I rung my mom so I had someone to talk too and she suggested ringing the labor ward to see what they would say. At this point my contractions were anything from 4 minutes apart to 11. 6am rung in, to be asked to go in to get checked over.

I woke up my husband and my mom came over. When my mom got here about 6.30am she said I needed to go to the hospital there and then. The husband wanted some breakfast, only to get a telling off by my mom.

I got in the car and the contractions were tighter and I couldn’t sit down because of the pressure. We sped to the hospital; I got out of the car, went onto the car park floor on all fours and had a contraction where my waters went fully.  Luckily a midwife was just starting her shift and helped me up.

I had another contraction just outside the entrance doors. We made our way into the lift; just as the lift doors opened I had another contraction and went onto the floor on all fours. More of my waters leaked and I could feel something between my legs, this is when I clicked that my baby was coming.

I walked into the first room and a midwife pulled down my trousers and helped me onto the bed. I had one more push and her head was out.

All I remember next is sitting there on the bed with my baby’s head out; I took off my hoody and had a sip of water.

I handed the cup back to my husband and they pressed the emergency buzzer, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed things weren’t right and I was sipping my water. My bed got laid flat; I had two midwives pulling my legs back, one at the business end and one applying pressure to my belly.

A midwife yelled to me,” baby is just a little stuck I need you to push as hard as you can”

I pushed, I cannot remember how many times and it felt like forever, I pushed as hard as I could. I remember she came out and I didn’t hear anything, I asked why she wasn’t crying and they said she was ok. I knew she wasn’t – she wasn’t crying.

A rush of doctors came in all crowding my baby, I couldn’t even see her

I knew then that something had gone wrong but I had no idea what

The midwife said her heart was beating she just wasn’t breathing

I sat in silence a bit dumbfounded, a bit shocked – praying

I was still trying to take in that I just had my baby and then she let out a gargled cry. I was so happy, I hadn’t a clue what just happened but she cried. Words can’t explain the rush of relief that washes over you. I had cuddles with her and sat on the bed waiting to be stitched. She was born at 6.53am and weighed 8lbs 5oz.

A midwife explained to me that I had experienced shoulder dystocia, babies shoulder had got wedged under my pelvis.

It wasn’t until I got home that I knew how lucky we both were. I dread to think if I was 2 minutes later to the hospital what would have happened.

I am just thankful that the midwives were so quick thinking on my arrival as they saved my baby anything happening.


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 My Waters Broke In The Hospitals Car Park

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