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My Very First Tempo Run!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Haha! You guys!

Well if you were on twitter this afternoon then I saw me post this…


Then a few minutes later you saw this…



But guess what?! Work slowed down and I took the opening. I drove like a maniac home, grabbed the first running shorts and tee in my workout drawer and hit the pavement for my very first tempo run!!!

This is what my plan said:

Tempo Run: 4 MI

Warm Up. [email protected] 10:04. Cool down.


This tempo run was a little hard. My plan has easy runs (which also include warm ups and cool downs) at ~11:30 pace which is really really slow for me. I had a hard time doing my whole first mile at that time, I kept speeding up. But I had no problem doing that pace in my cool down. Wheew.


I wrote my temp on my hand so I wouldn’t forget.


Not too shabby, right?! I’m pretty pleased.

I’m thinking I might need to look at my smart coach plan at the next level because I ran most of my tempos at my speed work paces, ~9:40. I had to keep looking at my Garmin and slowing down.

Here were my splits!

  • mile 1 (warm up) 11:29
  • mile 2 (tempo) 10:06
  • mile 3 (tempo) 9:55 :eek:
  • mile 4 (cool down) 11:03

I’m going to check out the next level of intensity for sure… I have pretty long legs and maybe they are making me go faster.


Pre run, more like 3 hours before my run I had a sweet liberty sandwich from Erik’s Deli.

photo (70)

And for working so hard at the office my Dad and I made an impromptu trip to FROYO. I recreated the magic from last night’s trip.

photo (69)

Mango sorbet with fat free granola, dark chocolate chips, and coconut shavings. :mrgreen: I swear it was even better than last night.

Do you want to see a few pictures from my work???


In the middle left, that’s the printer we use to print on the wood pieces and on the two tables in the front we package all the finished pieces.


I’m the printer and these are the printed strips before they get assembled.


BAM!! Look at those muscly legs. :-D

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