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My Under Desk Bike is Making Me Gorgeous

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

under desk bikeMy under desk bike is turning me into a super model.

Ok. That might be a stretch. But I will tell you my DeskCycle under desk bike  the best thing I’ve bought in a while. I’m absolutely giddy. I feel like a zealot. I want to travel the land telling people about it. Seriously.

It is hard for me to lose weight for several reasons:

1. I love to eat. Food rocks. Have you tried it? You should.

2. My favorite things to eat are all terrible for me. Bacon, cheese, chocolate, carbs of all shapes and sizes.

3. I love wine and cocktails. Duh.

4. I’m a web designer by trade, which means if I’m going to have the money to buy aforementioned food and make festive vodka cocktails, I need to sit my ass in a chair all day and move things around my screen.

I’ve tried to combat my body’s urge to fill my entire desk chair by walking the dog for an hour every morning, but for various reasons, that doesn’t always happen. I also read that even if you do exercise for an hour a day, if the rest of your day is spent sitting in a chair, you’re not doing half as much good as you think.  Being super sedentary cancels out a little exercise.

I’m a realist. I know I’m not the sort of person who is going to buckle down and exercise 2 hours a day. I have neither the time nor the will. And while I can control my eating and drinking here and there, I’m not going suck all the fun out of my life just to be thin. I’d rather be fat and happy. But I’d REALLY rather be healthy and happy.

So I was stuck. Until…

Under Desk Bike to the Rescue!

I’d seen those treadmill desks and ruled them out because I really need to be stable while I’m working and they are super expensive.  I thought if I could just find a way to sit at my desk and pedal, that might be the answer. I didn’t even know if an under desk bike was a thing, but Amazon assured me it was. There was under desk bike for about $25, but the reviews promised I wouldn’t be happy. There was another under desk bike, the DeskCycle for $149, which is more than I wanted to spend, but I decided to do it.

Why you should pony up and get the DeskCycle under desk bike:

1. It is super low, so my knees do not smack the top of my desk, even with it directly under my feet.

2. It is super quiet – doesn’t make a sound.

3. It has a velcro tether, which keeps the under desk bike from dragging my wheeled office chair around.

4. It has a little 5 function display that shows speed, time, distance and calories. Thanks to that, if I bike away on it for even half my day, I can burn between 500-1000 calories.

5. I don’t even realize I’m doing it. It just becomes second nature. Which is like paying a stranger to exercise for you.

I imagine there are other health benefits to not sitting still all day as well.

Now, I just have to be sure I don’t decide this just means I can have two more cocktails and a Snickers after work.

Get YOUR DeskCycle under desk bike!


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