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My Summer Scent

By Behindtheseclosedeyes @theseclosedeyes
My summer scent
I don't know about you but I always love to have that signature scent for summer and for the past few years it has been the very lovely Diesel Fuel for Life Summer EDT (limited edition unfortunately!), although I think you could still track down a bottle online but with slightly different packaging. I have been a fan of the original Fuel for Life for quite some time and after I came across this perfume in duty free a few years ago I knew I just had to have it. I'm horrible at describing scents so I can't say too much apart from it having a gorgeous mix of floral and citrus hints, making it perfect for the summertime as the name suggests. I know that some people would describe this as a day perfume as it is very floral and fruity but I just love it that much that I wear it in the evenings too. It smells very fresh and always perks me up when I wear it as it is so summery and girly and I couldn't recommend it enough if you are able to get your hands on it!

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